Rising Stars: Vloggers want to expand into business

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Keren and Khoa with their three boys Jackson, Landon, and Sutton. (left to right).

Victoria Hernandez, Rising Stars Columnist

KKandbabyJ is a family vlogging channel consisting of Khoa and Keren and their three boys Jackson, Landon, and Sutton. Over four years, they have accumulated 1 million subscribers and captured many hearts with their adorable family.

Khoa Nguyen and Keren Swanson met in driver’s ed at their high school and soon became high school sweethearts. At the time, Khoa, who was 16, was a sophomore and Keren, who was 15, was a freshman. They soon began dating and falling in love with each other quickly.

“I met Khoa in high school and we fell in love instantaneously, literally, two weeks we were telling each other we loved each other. We met in high school, we started dating, we did break up on-and-off because it is high school,” Swanson said in her 2016 now-deleted ‘Draw My Life’ video.

Going through the miscarriage was the worst thing that has happened to me in a long long time”

— Keren Swanson

On June 16, 2008, Khoa had asked Keren to be his girlfriend after asking each other questions.

After graduating from high school, they both went to college and lived together in an apartment next to their campus. Keren got her Associate of Arts and her General Studies degree. Afterward, she went to the University of Central Florida to finish her degree. But Keren dropped out of college to take care of her first child, Jackson Khai Nguyen, who was born on September 26, 2015.

However, Jackson wasn’t her first pregnancy. Prior to having her first son, Jackson, Keren had experienced a miscarriage.

“I got pregnant and I had a miscarriage, 8 or 9 weeks in. It’s very hard to talk about this because I felt like I was so in love with this baby and then I never got to meet him or her. It’s very hard to talk about because the next month I got pregnant with Jackson and I had a healthy pregnancy and he came out amazing. But if I hadn’t had the miscarriage I would have never had Jackson, I would have had a different baby and its hard to imagine me having another baby than Jackson. Going through the miscarriage was the worst thing that has happened to me in a long long time,” she explained in her now-deleted ‘Draw My Life’ video.

After their first son was born, Keren announced that she was pregnant with their second child a few months later. On January 31, 2017, they both welcomed their second child Landon Kal Nguyen.

The couple’s third child was named Sutton Rain Nguyen on August 16, 2018. Unlike her other pregnancies, Keren decided to not reveal the gender of their baby until the day of the birth to make the difficult pregnancy have a surprise at the end. A few days before their third baby was born, the couple attended a Taylor Swift concert. Keren’s original due date was August 27, 2018. After their third baby’s arrival, they joked that Taylor Swift was the reason Keren went into early labor.

I would love to vlog it and to be able to see the progress and be able to show whoever buys the house exactly step by step of what happened”

— Keren Swanson

After having three kids, Keren and Khoa decided to pursue one of their passions together, which is house renovations. One of the couple’s biggest passions is to ‘flip’ houses, in which they would buy a house, renovate it, and put into the housing market for a profit.

“We’re going to start focusing more on real estate investments which is like what our plan was since we were kids. But we’re gonna start off small, in the hundred thousand. I am licensed realtor and I’m going get my broker’s license so I’m going to have my own real estate company,” Khoa explained in their 2018 ‘Our Future Plans: Daily Vlogs, Career, Kids’ vlog. “A lot of people think like if we start doing other jobs [that] we’re not going to vlog anymore, we’re definitely going to vlog. Do you think we wouldn’t vlog the flipping? That’s like the most exciting part, I would love to vlog it and to be able to see the progress and be able to show whoever buys the house exactly step by step of what happened,” Keren added.

Khoa’s job before becoming a full-time YouTube vlogger was a real estate agent. But he was forced to quit his job due to fans calling his phone number and being unable to differentiate a fan from a real client. However, he stills pursues real estate along with online gaming live streams.

Swanson has found a new lifestyle for herself after welcoming her baby. With her new lifestyle, she has started her own company called ‘Kickass’ which focuses on diet and exercise along with an app to help people create a new lifestyle as well, which is still in development. She also wants to expand her business into making fitness apparel for her viewers and anyone else.

They have launched their joint podcast show together called ‘BAYTS’, or ‘Be A YouTuber They Said’. They released their first podcast episode on April 22, 2019, and in their podcast, they talk about everything YouTube related and everything in between, including personal topics they can’t discuss in their videos. Their first podcast received good feedback from their subscribers. You can listen to it here: https://anchor.fm/bayts

Since Keren and Khoa have been together for nearly 11 years, their wedding is taking place the day before they began dating on June 15.

Before turning 30, Keren and Khoa have accomplished several things- owning their first house, having their own dream cars, and having their own business ventures. As a viewer, I hope they continue to do what they love and prosper into their businesses.

In 2015, Keren began her YouTube channel with the intent to have memories of her children forever. But it has grown to be more than a passion and has given them the opportunities they have worked hard for.