Asian Lovelies: Foreign shows are enjoyable to watch

The Magnet Tribune: Addy Melgar

Addy Melgar, Asian Lovelies Columnist

People who think they may not understand foreign TV dramas may find they are in for a big surprise: the dramas are actually quite interesting despite the language barrier and cultural differences. Dramas are better known as “novelas” here in the border.

Dramas in foreign languages used to be only for people who spoke the language, but over time more people started to watch and to their surprise they are really interesting. Not only do people who speak the language watch through various means these shows, but nowadays people everywhere hear music as well as shows and dramas from all over the world.

People all over the world watch foreign TV shows and listen to foreign music. There are several good foreign shows that I personally think are really good like “Strong Girl Bong Soon,” “Accidentally in love,” “Meteor Garden,” and “Take my brother away.”

Strong Girl Bong Soon (Korea), is a show of a girl with extraordinary abilities and super strength that runs in the family’s female genes. She falls in love with the CEO of a big videogame producer company.

Accidentally in love (China), is about a girl that hides her fortune to escape her grandfather to live and study at a normal university to find out more about her parents. Later on she meets a K-pop idol that studies in the same university as her and they fall in love without him knowing her true identity.

Meteor Garden (China), is an old show from 2001 that was recreated in 2018 that talks about an ordinary girl that went to study to Mingde University, one of the best universities in the city. She encounters a group of wealthy friends and that’s where the fun begins. She falls in love with one of the guys, the son of a big company owner which prohibits their love because of her economic status.

Take my brother away (Japan), is a TV show as well as an animated series that talks about two clumsy siblings that live in poor conditions with a drunk father. The siblings do everything they can to survive and have a better life but like in all families, siblings fight and they have to overcome their differences in order to survive in the real world.

All of these shows not only include the foreign subtitles but they also include English subtitles as well as Spanish subtitles for everyone to be able to enjoy equally.

Their stories themselves are mainly universal in order for everyone to enjoy, and the people who have given them a chance have actually liked them. I’ve seen many people who really like the k-pop bands, foreign dramas, and anime.

There are other types of shows that are also a like the foreign dramas called anime shows. They are usually in foreign languages but instead of being produced with actors, they are cartooned and computerized. There are several good anime shows that in my opinion are really good like “Vampire Knight,” “One-Punch man,” and “Oran High School Host Club.”

Vampire Knight is a show that talks about two types of students, the morning students and the night students. The night’s students are vampires that would like to have a normal life along with humans. This show is pretty exciting because there is a lot of action.

One-punch man is about a simple guy who has abilities beyond imagination that fights against monsters and creatures. This show has a lot of action moments as well as some comedy involved which makes it pretty enjoyable for the viewers.

Oran High School Host Club is a show about a rich people school that admits an ordinary girl with a scholarship. There she meets the host club that is a club for young handsome boys that have too much time on their hands so they entertain young girls. They make her part of their club and they go on adventures together.

Most of these shows come from Manga, which are a style of Japanese comic books or comic strips.