Musical Seoul: BTS solos make big impact on fans

Dafne Naranjo, Musical Seul colummnist

K-pop has been around for many years now but not always will K-pop groups be a big success.

There are many entertainment agencies but there are three “main” agencies, those being: YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and SM Entertainment.

There have been many big groups such as EXO, Girls Generation (SNSD), BigBang, and many more.

BigHit’s big groups

Lately, one of the biggest groups at this moment is BTS, from BigHit Entertainment, a small agency that wasn’t doing so well. Although it did take a while for K-netizens to ‘approve’ BTS, they (BTS) instantly received many fans (A.R.M.Y) and a lot of support.

There are many K-pop songs that are being released but not all of them have become a big sensation. A song that became a big success on the last day of 2k18 was Promise by Park Jimin, a member from BTS. The song talks about him wanting someone to be their own light, for them to be able to love and rely on themselves.

A song that became a big success on the last day of 2k18 was Promise by Park Jimin, a member from BTS.”

— Dafne Naranjo

The song also talks about him wanting the person to ‘Promise’ him that they will never let themselves get lost and to never leave him.

Although all their songs are big hits and have gotten a lot of attention, their solo songs always catch the fans’ attention because the performers are at liberty to be themselves.

As the New Year has come BigHit is getting prepared to debut their new boy band. As of now, all we know is that their group name is TXT (Tomorrow X Together) and the names of the members: YeonJun (19/20 years old), Soobin (18/19 years old), HueningKai (16/17 years old), Taehyun (16/17 years old), and Beomgyu (17/18). Now the fans are waiting anxiously for their debut date.

YG’s princesses

Another big group right now is BlackPink, a girl group under YG Entertainment, though they did and still do receive some hate from K-netizens and other groups, their fans (Blinks) always have their backs.

Recently Lalisa Monoban, also known as Lisa, has been getting a lot of hate after pictures of her in a dress that shows off her collar bones at the 33rd Golden Disc Awards went viral. A lot of people hate on her because she’s Thai. They have been saying things about her “trying to fit in with the Korean culture.” She did receive a great deal of support from lots of actors from Thailand and some of her friends that also belong to K-pop groups.

The hashtag #RespectLisa instantly became a trend in a lot of countries; in Thailand, they had billboards with the hashtag and a picture of Lisa.

Got7’s New Year

Another successful group is Got7, a boy group from JYP Entertainment. They recently released a few songs that became sensational hits and were fast to be liked by their fans (Aghase’s: meaning baby chicks).

They have a lot of new plans for this New Year, such as solo ideas and much other material, and the fans can’t wait for everything that’s to come. As of now, they have been posting about their solo collaborations with clothing lines, cosmetics, and new singers. Jackson Wang has released his collaboration with a Chinese singer and it’s something he is very proud of.

BamBam also released some solo collaborations with different clothing lines and cosmetics. A few days ago Jackson Wang released a video, “GOT7 Jackson Highlight Sketch in Milan,” and it shows different things that he has been doing while he is staying in Milan.