New music Monday: Canadian band ‘Alvvays’ gives indie a spin on young love


Alvvays is an indie band from Toronto, Canada. @alvvaysband

Zoe Alvarez , New music Monday columnist

Alvvays is an indie band from Toronto, Canada. @alvvaysband

Every so often we find the need to listen to new music. We find a dead end in our libraries and can’t find what we feel like listening to. Spice up your playlists with Alvvays, a 5-piece band formed in 2011 in Toronto, Canada. The band consists of Molly Rankin (vocalist), Brian Murphy (bass), Sheridan Riley (drums), Alec O’ Hanley (guitar), and Kerri MacLellan (keyboard).

I began listening to this band when a friend of mine recommended a few songs. They grew on me the more I’ve been getting into indie music. Alvvays can be considered indie pop, pop, soft pop, dreamscape, and along the lines of soft alternative.

Here is a list of my favorite songs:

  1. Archie, Marry Me
  2. Adult Diversion
  3. Atop a Cake
  4. Ones Who Love You
  5. Next of Kin
  6. In Undertow
  7. Plimsoll Punks
  8. Dreams Tonite
  9. Party Police
  10. The Agency Group

As soon as I listened to a few of their song I enjoyed the vibe of the band. The happy, “we are young”, “we are in love”, indie, alternative Austin, vibe you can get from the music and lyrics

Alvvays sophomore album ‘Antisocialites’ debut in 2017. @alvvaysband

The lyrics are a great quality of Alvvays. The writing offers an indie, alternative, young lovers aesthetic that perfectly captures the essence of the band. “Archie, Marry Me,” is about young love taking interest in marriage. The song perfectly indulges in that summery alternative feel. I can picture the beach, white blouses, blue umbrellas, the sand, the beach, and the sun. “One Who Loves You” is about the contradictions in loving people and falling for the wrong people. The song gives a soft indie chill sound.

Alvvays self-titled album. @alvvaystheband

“Adult Diversion” also shares the same meaning. The singer falls for someone, finds difficulty in love, and pretends that all her feelings had never happened. It also has a summery feel. “Next of Kin” talks about letting go of her lover, quite poetically as well. This song has a light alternative sound. “Not My Baby” is chill slower song that is about the freedom the singer gains from leaving a relationship. Most of the songs talk about young love in general.

Alvvays is a band with a distinct sound, their vocalist plays a big role in this. Molly Rankin offers a unique sound with her retro-sounding vocals. With a strong 80’s vibe in “Archie, Marry Me” and “Adult Diversion,” its no wonder why their music has a nice retro feel. From the upbeat “Lollipop (Ode to Jim)” to the slow “Forget About Life” her vocals give direction to the song. “Plimsoll Punks” is the perfect way Molly brings out the indie sound in Alvvays. Her vocals in “Dreams Tonite” offer an aesthetically pleasing 80’s sound. “Dives” is a perfect example of how relaxing Molly’s vocals are.

The band is well diverse with a mix of vocals and instruments. Kerri MacLellan gives colors to the songs with synth and keyboard. The “Red Planet” gives a nice Stranger Things feel with its synth. The intro in “In Undertow,” also carries that same feel. “Dreams Tonite” has a late 70’s feel with its synth. “Dives” carries an 80’s vibe with its synth intro.

My personal favorite is Brain Murphy and Alec O’ Hanley’s role in the band. The guitar and bass work hand and hand in every song. They both blend beautifully in “Adult Diversion.” “Archie, Marry Me” gives us a guitar solo that brings life to the song. In “Ones Who Love” the bass shines in the spotlight with its intro and plays throughout the entire song as the guitar plays chords. “Next of Kin” starts off with an upbeat guitar solo that spices up the song. Once again, the bass takes the spotlight in “The Agency Group” while the guitar fills the song with a Kings of Leon sound. The guitar intro in “Plimsoll Punks” gives a great 90’s Friends and 10 Things I Hate About You vibe. “Hey” shares a resemblance to Duran Duran’s “Rio”.


With a great indie alternative sound, dynamic blend in music, and aesthetically pleasing lyrics, Alvvays is the perfect band when in search of new music.


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