New music Monday: Wild Ones release “Heatwave – EP”


Wild Ones band. @wildonestheband

Zoe Alvarez , New music Monday columnist

Wild Ones is a 5-piece band from Portland, Oregon. The band consists of Danielle Sullivan (vocals,) Thomas Himes (keyboard,) Max Stein (bass,) Nick Vicario (guitar,) and Seve Sheldon (drums.)

I first began listening to Wild Ones in September of my junior year. My friend had introduced me to the band by playing their song “Dim the Lights.” I then asked him more about the band and he recommended me some more of their music. I began listening to them nonstop, especially their “Heatwave – EP.” I’ve yet to fully immerse myself in their music, but I can assure you I’ve loved what little I have listened to.

Here are my favorite songs:

  1. Heatwave
  2. Dim the Lights
  3. Show Me Islands
  4. Paia
  5. It’s Real
  6. Paresthesia
  7. Invite Me In
  8. Do You Really?
  9. They’re Not Me
  10. They Said

Wild Ones fall under the chill, pop, soft pop, alternative, soft alternative, band. Their music is music one would listen to relax and unwind. I always listen to Wild Ones when I wish to relax and unwind. It certainly falls under the chill and soft alternative genre.

Wild Ones released their “Heatwave – EP” in 2018. “Heatwave – EP” has three tracks, “Heatwave,” “Dim the lights,” and “Show Me Islands.” This is the EP that introduced me to the band. “Heatwave” Is a song about love and how easily it took the lead singer. This song’s aesthetic is love, warmth, sunlight, light-colored tones, toes in the sand, walking down the beach, perhaps with a lover.

“Dim the Lights” is a song about life and love in the city. This song gives off a neon aesthetic vibe. The music video does not disappoint when it comes to fulfilling this aesthetic. The aesthetic is lights and dancing in a nightclub, meeting someone and falling in love, exploring the city in the late hours of the night, riding the subway, city lights, and driving around the city at night. “Show Me Islands” is also about love and waiting for their love to run away with them. The vibe of this song is chill upbeat music. I picture yellowish tones, airplanes, suitcases, postcards, and beaches.


Like every other band, each instrument plays its wonderful role. The guitar in Wild Ones has a soft happy sound. “Heatwave” is a song with a guitar intro that kick-starts the tone of the song. It gives an upbeat feel. “Dim the lights” is where the guitar is most prevalent in the chorus. It’s the signature sound of Wild Ones. The guitar adds that extra energy to the song that blends so well with everything else. “Show Me Islands” also has that signature guitar sound.

“Paia” has a lesser known presence when it comes to the guitar but it remains as a soft sound. This adds to the overall feel of the song. “It’s real” has a guitar sound that is nothing but upbeat. It adds to that happy positive vibe of the song. Its gentle soft sound also brings out their signature guitar sound.

Standing in the Back of your Show” has a guitar intro that is nothing but feels good vibes. The bass truly adds to every song. It fills the little gaps left in a song with sound and rhythm. (Paia,) (Dim the Lights,) (Show Me Islands,) and more. The piano also adds to the beautiful blend that is Wild Ones (They’re Not Me,) (Heatwave,) (Show Me Islands,) (Paia,) and much more.


In their older music, synth was a treat. “Do You Really?” is a perfect example of their great synth. It even gives off a Stranger Things vibe. “Paresthesia” has synth in its intro that spices up the song. It starts off strong and gradually becomes softer.

“Invite Me In” has a fantastic synth intro. Its chill feel almost makes you want to sway along to the music. “Paia” also has synth in its intro that makes the song unique. Its static song blends with the soft vocals, bass line, and piano.

Vocals are always the sweet spot of a band. The vocals in Wild Ones are distinct. Danielle Sullivan’s vocals give the band their signature sound. Her voice is soft and uplifting (Paia,) (Heatwave,) (Show Me Islands,) (Invite Me In.) It adds to the aesthetically pleasing aspect of the song (Dim the Lights,) (Heatwave,) (Paresthesia.) Her vocals also set the mood in every song. Her vocals also spice up the songs. Her whole sound creates a perfect mixture of vocals and instrumentation.

Another distinction of the band is, of course, their lyrics. The lyrics truly fit the overall feel and aesthetic from “It’s late at night and I am blinded with the city lights in my eyes,” to “You know the word but you don’t know the meaning.”

Wild Ones is certainly the band to listen to.

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