New music Monday: Day Wave has perfect mix of chords and notes


The Magnet Tribune: @daywave

Jackson Phillips is also known as Day Wave

Zoe Alvarez , Staff writer

Discovering new music is a great way I like to expand my music repertoire. Let me introduce you to Day Wave. A one-member band from Oakland, California, the band features Jackson Phillips as lead singer with accompanying musicians for live performances.


I began listening to Day Wave in the February of my freshman year when his song “Something here” came out on the radio. I liked it a lot and it became part of my playlist. In October I got to see him live at Austin City Limits Music Festival. I fully immersed myself in his music right after. His album “The Days We Had” was my absolute favorite.


One of the greatest gifts I ever got was tickets to go to Austin City Limits Music Festival. There I discovered so many new artists. Day Wave was one of them. It was a gorgeous afternoon. The sun was hidden in the clouds and there was a cool breeze. The crowd had just gathered, I managed to get front row the entire time. There was a strong Austin Alternative vibe in the area. Jackson, the lead singer, and all his accompanying bandmates got on and had a sound check.

The Magnet Tribune: Zoe Alvarez
Day Wave live at Austin City Limits Music Festival 2017

It was an experience watching them tune their guitars and adjust the mics. They were three, clean cut, alternative looking, young boys. They got on stage and began with his hit song “Something here.” I couldn’t believe I got to see that song performed live front row. I loved the energy from that performance. I had a great time singing along and taking in their music. I didn’t know much about their music but I certainly enjoyed that concert. They had a great sound live. The vocals and instruments were fantastic live.

Every year Austin City Limits Music Festival hosts meet and greets with the bands that are a part of the year’s set list. Day Wave had meet and greats. My dad and I went by the meet and greets to see who we could meet and he was one of them. It was early so there was barely any people. I rushed to get in line and only had to wait behind a few people. He was so chill and relaxed. I got to hug him, take a picture, and have him sign my ACL flyer. The first time he signed it you couldn’t see his signature in black sharpie so he signed it again in silver sharpie. I got myself two autographs from Day wave. He was such a nice artist to meet.

The Magnet Tribune: Zoe Alvarez
The writer at the Day Wave meet and greet meets Jackson Phillips.

Here are my favorite songs:

  1. Something here

  2. Drag
  3. Total Zombie
  4. Ordinary
  5. On Your Side
  6. Bloom
  7. Home
  8. Bring You Down
  9. Wasting Time
  10. Promises
  11. Still Let You Down
  12. Stuck

Day Wave can be considered alternative, indie rock, and synth-pop. His music is a beautiful arrangement of guitar, synth, and vocals. The guitar is such a great asset of the band. The drums are a small perfect piece of the band. The synth gives the band an 80’s sound. I love the overall sound.

The guitar is one of the greatest features of this band. There’s chords that offer a calming comfort (Drag), (Ordinary), (Something here), (Untitled), (Promises). “Headcase” has a wonderful guitar intro. It offers a sense of purity and peace. “Something here” would not be the beauty it is without the guitar. It gives the song the strong feel it has. It adds life to the overall sound. “Home” gives us a calm and peaceful guitar intro that I can only describe as soft.


The mix of chords and notes is absolutely perfect. The chorus is just the same. “Still Let You Down” has great guitar in the chorus, it’s not strong but blends in perfectly with the overall sound. The bridge is where the guitar makes its presence known. “Stuck” is another song with calming chords that give the song its acoustic sound. The guitar is what I find most attractive about the band.


The vocals always make or break the band. Jackson Phillips, the lead singer, has a wonderful voice. I could listen to him sing all day. I always listen to his music when I’m in need of down time or in need of calming music. His voice gives me a sense of serenity. He has such a distinct voice and sound. Live he does absolutely fantastic. He certainly did not disappoint. I would definitely see him live again in full concert.

The lyrics are always such a sweet treat when it comes to a band. Day Wave (Jackson Phillips) has a certain aesthetic that’s unique and downright amazing. His lyrics are poetry, words you’d find on slips of paper, words written on someone’s arm in black ink. His lyrics have a simplicity to them that make it unique to his songs. In “Home” with its lyrics “Home is all I know, home is where I go so I can be alone,” it gives off the short poem vibe. I can picture him sitting down with his guitar writing these songs in the most aesthetically pleasing places, be a simple bedroom, a studio, on the road when he travels. His songs are like poems you’d find in a brown leather journal.


“Ordinary” is a song about he and a girl who feel ordinary except the girl wants more than to be just ordinary.  “Wasting Time” is a song about the leader singer chases the girl he loves and getting hurt over and over. He knows he is wasting his time but he continues to follow her. His songs consist of soft love. (Total Zombie), (Ordinary), (Headcase), (Drag). Others are about him and how he feels. (Home), (Drag), (Ordinary) (Headcase), and (Something Here.)

Whether you love lyrics, the music, the live performance, or even the artist himself, Day Wave is perfect for you.

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