New music Monday: Walk The Moon gives music lovers a taste of “Alternative Austin”

Walk The Moon @walkthemoonband

Walk The Moon @walkthemoonband

Zoe Alvarez , Staff writer

Every so often we feel the need to revamp our playlists with some new music. To all those who love music, Walk The Moon is a great choice. Walk The Moon is a four-member band from Cincinnati, Ohio. The band consists of Nicholas Petricca (vocalist), Eli Maiman (guitarist, backing vocalist), Kevin Ray (bass, backing vocalist), Sean Waugaman (drummer), and Adrian Galvin (guitarist).


I remember listening to Walk The Moon as a child. I can’t recall what in specific but “Anna Sun” was my top song. The summer before eighth grade I became really into their song of the summer “Shut Up and Dance” along with “Anna Sun.” Then a few days before school started I was obsessed with their song “Different Colors.”

It wasn’t until sophomore that I fully immersed myself in their music. I became quite fond of their self-titled album, “Walk The Moon.” I knew every song and in order. At the same time I got into their second album “Talking is Hard.” I would listen to that album while I wrote articles in my 6th block journalism class. I loved so many tracks on that album. I was really loving Walk The Moon.

Two years later I was given the wonderful opportunity to see them live. Walk The Moon is my second favorite band. I was incredibly excited to see them live. I’ve wanted to see them live ever since I began listening to them. They opened up for Thirty Seconds to Mars in Austin.

Walk The Moon in Austin, TX @walkthemoonband

I eagerly waited for their show to begin. I had so much before-the-concert excitement.  Many fans went to that show. I was so happy to see many Walk The Moon tour shirts.

They played most of my favorite songs like “Tightrope,” “Lisa Baby,” “Different Colors,” and “Anna Sun.” They even played “Shut up and Dance.” This song had a wonderful energy and excitement that the crowd so dearly loved. I couldn’t believe I was seeing them live. Walk The Moon had the crowd singing and dancing along. Overall everyone was having a good time.

I myself, had a great time. There was so much energy and heart that went into that performance. My love for alternative music was fulfilled by their performance. I enjoyed every song. They had such a great sound live, they are one of the reasons why I love going to concerts. Walk The Moon is one of those bands who are absolutely fantastic live. I can’t wait to see them again in full concert.

Here are a few of my favorite songs:

  1. Quesadilla
  2. Lisa Baby
  3. Next In Line
  4. Anna Sun
  5. Tightrope
  6. Shiver Shiver
  7. Shut Up and Dance
  8. Different Colors
  9. Portugal
  10. Avalanche
  11. One Foot
  12. Kamikaze

Walk The Moon can fall under alternative, pop rock, and indie rock. They are one of the bands that helped me discover alternative music in its full glory. Walk The Moon always reminds me of Austin. Austin has always been the place for alternative music and lifestyle. Walk The Moon gives off that “Alternative Austin” vibe that is so unique and downright lovable.

Their self-titled album reminds me of the good days when the bell would ring, school was over, and I’d walk to the band hall for practice. That album will forever remind me of the J.W. Nixon band hall because I would listen to it after school every single day. It was my sophomore year tradition.

Self-titled album

There’s so much to cover when it comes to Walk The Moon’s sound. Everything blends so beautifully to create an amazing alternative sound. In every song, the guitar spices up the song giving us an exciting sound. In “Next In Line” the guitar in the bridge is strong and incredibly energetic. “Lisa Baby” offers us a guitar intro that gives us a hint of alt-rock. That guitar intro always gives me life. I get excitement and the need to blast this song as loud as I possibly can.


In “Tightrope” the guitar intro gives the listeners an upbeat, energetic, and youthful feeling. I feel it as soon as the song begins. The concept remains in “Shiver Shiver”. In their song “Shut Up and Dance” the guitar intro is also energetic and upbeat.

It almost makes us listeners dance and tap along to the beat. It’s no wonder that “Shut Up and Dance” was 2015’s song of the summer. It’s a quality that stands out when it comes to Walk The Moon. The guitar certainly adds that feel-good vibe to their songs. I always enjoy the guitar.

Along with guitar, the drums are a great aspect in this band. In “Different Colors” the drums stand out. They give that upbeat feel to the songs which I love so much. The drums are so catchy. I am always tapping along to the beat. In “Quesadilla” the drums are just perfect. Everything about them adds that youthful energetic vibe. In “Lisa Baby” the drums compliment the rock vibe. “One Foot” gives us a catchy upbeat sound.

To add the cherry on top, we have the vocals. I love Nicholas Petricca’s voice. It gives me a sense of having a good time in my youth. It also gives off the “Alternative Austin” feel. His vocals can range from a low rock sound in “Lisa Baby” to a higher soft sound in “Avalanche.”

“Kamikaze” is a great song where his voice truly shines. The vocals are an absolute experience. Even live he sings well. Its pure raw talent that I certainly recommend to check out, whether through their music or live in concert.


Now to my favorite part, the lyrics. My favorite aspect of liking a band or artist is the lyrics. Walk The Moon has the best lyrics when it comes to feeling young and having fun. Their self-titled album “Walk The Moon” is a true masterpiece when it comes to lyrics. Their songs talk about falling in love with the person he has his eyes set on (Quesadilla).

Some are about loving someone regardless of anything, just overall finding that person perfect in every way (Lisa Baby). “Shiver Shiver” is a song about the lead singer’s love who is always leaving him in awe and he constantly being nervous around them. “Shut Up and Dance” is also a song about love. It’s about the lead singer finding the perfect girl and falling for her with such intensity.


Others are about being young, having fun, parties full of young people, falling in love, and much more (Anna Sun). I absolutely adore that song. I always loved the lyrics. It gives me a sense of my young adult years.

Walk the Moon always had portrayed love in their songs so perfectly without it being too overbearing or obnoxious. I really enjoy their love songs. It gives me the alternative love song feel. It’s about youth and falling in love in our early years.

Their songs are also about fearing growing up and time passing by (Portugal). “Different Colors” is a song that talks about the beauty of diversity. Every race, religion, sexuality and more are wonderful in their own way. It talks about unity regardless of how different we are. Our colors are what make us unique. I always loved the message in this song.

Walk The Moon is a beautiful arrangement of sound, feel, and lyrics. I recommend this band to any and all music lovers.


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