New music Monday: Is The Wombats the perfect band for alternative music lovers?



Zoe Alvarez , Staff writer

If you are a music lover like I am, you will find that discovering new artists is a great way to get your hands on new music and expand your taste in music. Today I will introduce you to The Wombats. They are an alternative indie rock three-member band from Liverpool. The band consists of Matthew Murphy the lead guitar and vocalist, Tord Overland Knudsen, bassist, and Dan Haggis, drummer.

The Wombats @wombatsofficial

I discovered The Wombats when their hit song “Turn,” from their most recent album Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life, was on the car radio. Alt Nation from Sirius XM really pushed this song. It was constantly getting airplay. It even got into the Alt Nation Advanced Placement. It’s a weekly list of the top alternative songs at the moment. This song became part of my recent playlist.

Later on in the summer, my family and I saw Weezer in Austin, TX. The Wombats was one of the opening acts. I was definitely excited to see them live. I only knew two songs but regardless of that, I was going to see The Wombats.

The Wombats opened up for Weezer during their summer tour in Austin, TX @wombatsofficial

You can bet I was really looking forward to that. They were clean-cut alternative boys with a good sense of style. I was pretty ignorant when it came to their music but I instantly fell in love with them. They put on such a great performance. I enjoyed every song.

I closed my eyes and let their music fill my ears with wonderful sound. They played many great songs such as “Black Flamingo,” “Greek Tragedy,”  “Turn,” and much more. I really got into “Black Flamingo,” and “Jump into the Fog,” since they were incredible live.

Here are a few of my favorite songs in the rank of most favorite:

  1. Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)
  2. Jump Into the Fog
  3. Greek Tragedy
  4. 1996
  5. Black Flamingo
  6. White Eyes
  7. Cheetah Tongue
  8. Lemon to a Knife Fight
  9. Your Body Is a Weapon
  10. Give Me a Try
  11. Kill the Director
  12. Sex and Question Marks
  13. Turn

It wasn’t until after the concert that I fully immersed myself in their music. Their songs were constantly in my head. I played them nonstop. I made a playlist with most of the music and still listen to it to this day. The Wombats will always remind me of the summer.


Their music can be described as alternative, alt rock, indie rock, and rock. I myself, am a lover of alternative music. It’s an acquired taste since the majority of the music population like pop or current music trends. The Wombats have a great sound.

In most of their songs the guitar is incredibly prominent. I absolutely adore the guitar intro in “Black Flamingo.” It gives off a strong rock sound. Another great guitar intro is in “Greek Tragedy.” The chords are absolutely beautiful and compliment the song so well.

The drums in their songs provide such a positive upbeat rhythm. My brother is a percussionist and ever since he started to tap and follow along to the drums in one of their songs, I’ve started to pay more attention to their drummer than I previously had before. My favorite songs in terms of drumming are “Jump into the Fog” and “Greek Tragedy.” The drums add a catchy beat that can fall under rock and alternative.

Matthew Murphy, the lead singer, has vocals that are youthful and loving in their own way. They gives off a dynamic vibe. It ranges from upbeat to slow and steady. Every so often his British accent will slip through when he sings.

I love his vocals. They give me a sense of storytelling. It’s like he himself is telling me about a girl he loves, his memories in his teenage years, his inner turmoil when it comes to girls, his experiences and much more. I can vividly imagine him chasing after a girl he’s fallen for or teenagers getting into trouble while having fun. It’s almost like a teenage movie playing in my head while I listen to their music.

Their lyrics are like modern day love letters and poetry. I am incredibly attracted to the lyrics. It was one of the reasons why I became such a fan of this band. Their lyrics are almost strange to some but a true masterpiece of writing to others. Some songs are about love and how his true love turned his world around (Turn.) Others talk about the difficulty and pain when it comes to loving someone (Black Flamingo.)  Some songs talk about youth and nostalgia. It gives us a glimpse into teenage lifestyle, mischief, feelings, and thoughts. (1996.) Others are about adventure, guilty pleasures, and giving into them (Tokyo Vampires & Wolves.)

The Wombats are a wonderful combination of sound, lyrics, vibes, and alternative sense. I will always recommend this band to any music lover.


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