TV FANatic: The small town of Riverdale

An official Riverdale poster.

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An official Riverdale poster.

Krysta Robles, TV FANatic Columnist

This is senior Krysta Robles final TVFANatic column.

Season one of “Riverdale” arrived on Netflix in May of last year. My little brother had watched it before I did and let me tell you he wouldn’t leave me alone to watch it. He had said it was the best show he’s ever seen since it’s his favorite show. That gave me the boost to watch it and let me tell you, I was confused with the show, in a good way. Like in a way that I wanted to know more. This show really reached out and grabbed my attention.

They are currently in season two on The CW channel and recently finished filming. Everyone is waiting for season two to release on Netflix, to be quite honest. I know I am. This show sure knows how to make you want more. It’s absolutely eye-grabbing. It’s based on the Archie Comics, but the show takes a dark and twisted turn on it. It’s basically just an adaption, using the characters, but not actually following the comics.

Season one is based on a murder. It is not your typical teen drama. It has the characters of the comics; however, it is not based on the comics.  I enjoyed watching this show because teen dramas are a guilty pleasure of mine. Teen drama is a genre I can watch over and over again; I really do enjoy watching them.

Season one contained 22 episodes, and all those episodes were interesting. It caught my attention from the very first episode. In all honesty, I watched this show because of my brother and my cousins, as I mentioned before. There was a point where I wasn’t watching any TV shows and this show came up in the conversation and I was hooked.

My cousin said that this show came up on her Netflix as recommended and she saw a trailer for it and instantly began watching it. She told me her first impressions was that she was hooked and couldn’t put her phone down.

When I began watching it, I felt the same way and it was such an intense show that I just needed to learn and watch more. The show starts off slow, leading up to a murder. It’s so intense, the bodies, the mystery and everything in between.

Season two of Riverdale is coming soon to Netflix and you bet I’m going to stay up watching it. I’m so excited to see where they picked it up from the season one finale. Which, by the way, was so intense.

I totally recommend this show, 10/10 would watch again. You can watch season one on Netflix and watch season two on The CW website or wait for it to come out on Netflix later this month.