Game Corner: Summon heroes to battle!

The Magnet Tribune: Game Corner Screenshot
The title screen for Fire Emblem Heroes. Characters (left to right) shown are Alfonse and Sharena.

Manuel Ruiz, Game Corner Columnist

This is senior Manuel Ruiz’s final Game Corner column.


Fire Emblem Heroes was first shown off on January 18, 2017, during a Nintendo Direct mainly focusing on the Fire Emblem series. Fire Emblem Heroes was one of many titles that were shown off during this presentation.


Fire Emblem Heroes is a free-to-play mobile game, where the similar gameplay is very similar but simpler for newcomers. Fire Emblem Heroes is a gatcha game, (The term Gatcha comes from Japanese machine called a Gashapon, similar to a capsule machine where people pay money to buy an item), where the player can buy Orbs which can be used to summon heroes from different installments of the Fire Emblem franchise starting from Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem to Fire Emblem Fates. When players summon a hero it can be either be a 3-star, 4-star or a 5-star hero, 5 stars being the higher rarity.

The differences from each rarity are that each hero will have certain skills locked until they are upgraded to the required rarity and characters will have better stats when they reach the maximum rarity. Players can upgrade a hero when they have the required amount of feathers and the required color badge.

Once a player has a team ready, they go to battle. Players can complete story chapters that reward the player with orbs or even a free 5-star hero. Players can also battle other player’s team in Arena mode, where players can rise up in tiers and earn feathers, orbs and much more.

Players can also get more items from completing the Tempest Trails! (Now renamed as Tempest Trials+). Where players go through many battles and earn points based on performance and how fast they’ve completed the battles. Players can earn many rewards such as orbs, feathers, badges, and a 4- and 5-version of a hero.

Blessed Gardens is a mode where players must give their characters the right blessings and play maps that reward the players with many types of rewards! Players receive four wind blessings that will help the player start off the Wind maps. Players must have a full team of 4 in order to complete each map.

Lastly, Fire Emblem Heroes has Tap Battle, known as Illusory Dungeon, which is a rhythm game in which players can earn small rewards. Players battle through enemies by tapping the screen in rhythm with the music the game players. The player must go through 100 floors, which means even more rewards!


Fire Emblem Heroes offers a lot of content for newcomers and is very newcomer friendly by teaching the player the gameplay when they first start off and the amount of orbs players get when they start off. The player also has the option to receive a free 5-star hero when they first start off the game!


Fire Emblem Heroes has small problems, due to it being a mobile game it really doesn’t affect the fun the game has to offer. The only problem many new players will have is trying to earn feathers and trying to level up their units. The game offers maps that help the players can use to level up units but those with little patience will most likely drop the game.


Fire Emblem Heroes is a great mobile game for those who are interested in the Fire Emblem series or a fan of the series will enjoy this game. It introduces to the player to many types of heroes from the Fire Emblem franchise and even creates an amazing team of heroes that could have never been together in the same army.

Fire Emblem Heroes gets a 5 out of 5