Creepy and Unexplained: Comic artist documents his haunted apartment

Comic artist Adam Ellis is documenting strange occurrences in his apartment.

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Comic artist Adam Ellis is documenting strange occurrences in his apartment.

Mariene Sanchez, Creepy and Unexplained Columnist

Having a haunted apartment is beyond creepy, especially if you’re living alone. Trying to push the doors slowly open as the air conditioning blows too much air or the noises your pets make playing in the middle of the night, but some things just cannot be brushed off.

No matter how much you want to believe you’re the only one in the apartment, things just keep getting weirder and weirder. Who knows? Maybe you’re just getting paranoid or maybe something really is watching you.

You’d expect someone to just jet and move in with a friend or relative until things die down or when they get a different place, but this man who goes by the name Adam Ellis, documents every single thing that seems suspicious.

Adam Ellis isn’t just any random person. He is a comic artist who makes cute and funny comics you may have seen on Facebook or Twitter. His comics are very popular, so it’s hard to not at least see one.

Anyways, Adam is freaking out about his apartment being haunted by a little boy who he named “Dear David,” and every update he posts about him makes the situation creepier and creepier.

Everything began with Adam having a dream about David sitting in the green rocking chair that used to be in his room but now is in his living room due to the incident that creeped him out. In that dream, David got up from the chair and began to “shamble” on the bed towards Adam which scared Adam so much that he woke up screaming.

Adam has said he has a ‘huge misshapen head with a dent on one side.’”

— Adam Ellis

At the time, he was experiencing sleep paralysis. As someone who has experienced sleep paralysis many times, I can tell you that everything you “dream” about seems 100 percent real, and you can’t move nor wake up.

I think it’s real. I have people tell me that it’s not what it seems because I’m half awake and half asleep so a part of me is still dreaming, but that doesn’t explain why my dog barks at night for nothing, Susan!

Anyway, keep in mind that David doesn’t look like a normal adorable child. Adam has said he has a “huge misshapen head with a dent on one side.” He even tried to draw him to give his audience an idea of what he saw.

Dreams are just dreams. They aren’t real, but they can do a good job at scaring you and making you feel paranoid.

There are some pieces of “evidence” that he posts about that makes me kind of skeptical of his story. For example, he posted a picture that he took through his door’s peephole of a black mist outside his apartment, but I think it was his peephole just being dirty and smudged. It’s understandable to get scared of every little thing when you’re paranoid and stressed about the situation.

Of course, some other pieces of evidence are hard to explain. Ellis had set up a motion detector and connected it to his phone so he can see what was going on in his apartment. He’d get notifications if anything occurred and sometimes they’d be his cats moving, but there were a few occurrences where the green chair he had moved from his room was rocking without any explanation as well as a turtle shell falling from the shelf on its own.

Strings attached or not, it’s still creepy. It’s almost as though his situation came straight out of a movie.

Ellis’s situation is slowly being updated on his Twitter feed little by little. He’s recently been posting about his vacation in Japan. He was hopeful of having a peaceful getaway so I hope he isn’t as stressed about his situation at home.