TV FANatic: The Carrie Diaries left an impression


The Magnet Tribune: The CW

The Carrie Diaries promotional poster. The program ran for two seasons.

Krysta Robles, TV FANatic Columnist

During the summer, I started watching a new show (shocker, I know). It’s called “The Carrie Diaries.”

I started while I was sick during the summer. It took me about two weeks to finish and it was so amazing. It stars AnnaSophia Robb, Austin Butler, and a lot more. I also babysat throughout those two weeks so you would imagine my brother and I just sitting down on the couch, watching this.

The show has two seasons and that’s it. It didn’t get renewed for a third season which makes me a bit more mad than sad. I truly think that this show deserved better than it got. For two weeks, I saw this show and to find out that we aren’t getting a third season? A disappointment.

I think I related to it a little bit more because she was a senior on the show and I was going to be a senior.”

— Krysta Robles

The show is a prequel to the famous “Sex and the City.” It follows Carrie Bradshaw’s teenage years in the early 1980s. Now the show is pretty good, it’s corny sometimes, but other than that, it’s good.

I started getting into it because of my cousin. I would go over to her house and she would be watching it and I would watch parts with her, and finally, I decided to start watching it from the beginning and when I tell you that I fell in love with the show and cast, I fell in love. Austin Butler has always been my celebrity crush and when I saw he was on the show, I died.

The show really shows what goes through Carrie’s mind and what happens around her. She deals with family issues and everything in between and once you start watching it, you find her so relatable because you might be going through same problems as she is.

I enjoyed both seasons. Especially the second season. I believe that if the first season started off good, then the second would be better. And it was. I think I related to it a little bit more because she was a senior on the show and I was going to be a senior. And I saw a little of me in her if that makes sense. You know, besides the fact that this was in the 80s and I wasn’t even in the womb, yet.

Season one was basically the get to know the characters with a little bit of drama. It was good. However, season two was the best out of two. It dealt more with acceptance and relationship drama as well and it was well produced.

The Carrie Diaries really took a toll on my heart with everything that happened, relationship and life-wise. Well, her life anyway. This show deserves an 8/10 from me because it was good, but not something I would re-watch.