Rising Stars: YouTuber has a bucket list channel

Photo from Elton Castees Twitter channel. He started out on Vine and now has a huge audience on YouTube.

The Magnet Tribune: Elton Castee's Twitter channel..

Photo from Elton Castee’s Twitter channel. He started out on Vine and now has a huge audience on YouTube.

Maddie Dion, Rising Stars columnist

Elton Castee, who started out on Vine, now has a huge audience on YouTube.

Elton has 287,113 subscribers on his main channel, but he also has another channel called TFIL which has 1.1 million. TFIL is a channel that is basically a bucket list for him and his friends. He has traveled all over the place with his friends and they always do crazy things.

Elton has traveled to many different places since the start of his YouTube channel like, New Zealand, Japan, and Thailand. He invites his friends to go with him to these places. He went to New Zealand with Corey Scherer, Colby Brock and Sam Golblach; he went to Japan with Colby, Jay Walker, and Brennen Taylor; and went to Thailand with Jay Walker, Toddy Smith, Jay Boice, Derek Baranowski, and Scotty Sire.

During his trips he did a lot of crazy things, like going inside cages with tigers in Thailand, swang on the world’s largest swing in New Zealand, and went Mario Cart racing in go carts in Japan.

Even when he is in the United States he does outrageous things; he stays overnight in scary places with friends, stays overnight in trampoline parks, and bowling alleys and many other things.

Castee started his YouTube channel in 2011 with the intention of posting the videos of his outrageous road trip with his friends.

On his channel he also does pranks; Elton and his roommates just got out of a “mega prank war” as they called it, with the winner getting a round trip to Hawaii paid for by the losers of the prank war. Elton won by painting his roommate’s (Sam Golbloch) entire room pink as a revenge prank from two of his roommates, Golblach and Colby Brock, dyeing his dog pink.

Elton recently just did a fundraising event where he stayed in a kennel to raise a certain amount of money for an animal shelter. He had to raise $100,000 and then when he got the amount he raised it to $150,000 so he could donate some of the money to Houston hurricane flooding victims.

Elton also has a clothing line, SendItcc.com; when you purchase a product you can pick an organization for some of the money to go to, like SPCLA, which helps pets find homes; TRUTH, which helps end youth smoking, or Ocean Conservancy, which helps save our waters.

I messaged Kendall, also known as Uncle_Elton on Instagram and asked her what her views on Elton were.

“I think he is funny and he seems like a very sweet person,” she answered.

Elton is originally from Connecticut but moved to Los Angeles. Before Elton got big on YouTube he was a massage therapist for 5 years, but started to gain an audience on Vine where he would post his most famous Vines which were him jumping into a public fountain and screaming “cannonball.”

He then started his YouTube channel, TFIL; since the start of his channel, he has created a huge fanbase.