Game Corner: Choose your fate in Fire Emblem Fates

The opening title of Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation.

Manuel Ruiz, Game Corner Columnist

Fire Emblem is a turn-based tactical RPG that is developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. The franchise started off with many games exclusive for Japan for a long while, but on December 3, 2001, was the first time two Fire Emblem Characters, Marth from Shadow Dragon, and Roy from Blinding Blade, made an appearance outside from Japan.

Due to appearances of these two characters, demand rose for Fire Emblem Titles to be released outside of Japan. The first Fire Emblem game to be released was Fire Emblem: The Blinding Blade or as known as “Fire Emblem” in the states.


Fire Emblem Fates was first shown off on January 14, 2015, during a Nintendo Direct, a Livestream where Nintendo announces new upcoming titles. The title would be released on June 25, 2015, for Japanese Audiences while North America would get the title until February 19, 2016.


The story is about the main character Corrin, the player’s main avatar, who has to make a choice between fighting alongside either his family in Nohr, the kingdom that kidnapped him as a child and raised him/her as their own, or fight alongside his true family in Hoshido the peaceful and loving kingdom. Or, will the player choose neither side?


The player can purchase Fire Emblem Conquest, Fire Emblem Birthright, and lastly can only purchase Fire Emblem Revelation digitally. For players who own the Special Edition of Fire Emblem Fates, all three story modes are included.

Each version has its own unique differences: in Conquest the game is more difficult such as limiting the amount of gold that players gains when clearing a chapter, having limited turns or defeating a character in limited turns. In Birthright, the game is easier as the game is friendlier as it gives players more gold and having few limited requirements.

Lastly, Revelation is in in-between on difficulty since it’s harder than Birthright but less difficult than Conquest.

Each version has exclusive characters excluding the third path, whether the player has Birthright or Conquest, the player will always have 10 characters that are playable from both versions.

Downloadable Content

Fire Emblem Fates also offers downloadable content. Some are free that the player can download while others have to be bought. Some of the content include a map that helps players level up their units, gain more gold, or maps that offer content not found in the main games.


The soundtrack for the game is astounding. All pieces of music are fantastic and give out a great sense of vibe of the dangers of getting a game over. The gameplay has been improved from the previous installment; players now have to plan ahead with the new changes such as the pair up mechanic and clearing a chapter with the new types of objectives.

Lastly with the amount of downloadable content available to purchase it makes the game a great way to return for more content and game time.


Fire Emblem Fates included a mode called “Phoenix Mode” which is an easier mode for players who are either new to the game or rather play just for the story. This mode wasn’t needed since most players can choose a Casual mode where the player won’t lose any units and are also able to choose a difficulty that makes chapters less difficult.

Lastly, the minor complaint is a number of characters the player has to choose, of course, varies, but most of the times ignoring a character can punish the player for not selecting them in using them in battle. This happens with one of the characters in Birthright.


In all of the playtime I gotten with the game, and played each version of Fates, I can determine with the wonderful cast of characters, an amazing soundtrack, and lastly a decent story for each version, Fire Emblem Birthright gets an 8/10 and is recommend to players who have played Fire Emblem Awakening to enjoy a new and different experience.

Fire Emblem Conquest gets an 8.5/10, as a newcomer to the series this title will be difficult for players who have never played a Fire Emblem game, but this title is great for veterans of the series as it offers a challenge to the players.

Lastly, Fire Emblem Revelation gets an 8/10, with a number of characters the players gets in this route most players might have difficulty choosing who should be used in battle. With the difficult set between Conquest and Birthright which makes it enjoyable, it is recommended to play Birthright and Conquest before playing Revelation for the player to get the story.