TV FANatic: 13 Reasons Why is groundbreaking


The Magnet Tribune: Netflix

Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why official poster.

Krysta Robles, TV FANatic Columnist

13 Reasons Why came out March 31; It broke the internet. Seriously. It was all over my Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr feed. It was everywhere. The show is a Netflix original and it’s based on the novel by Jay Asher. It is created by Brian Yorkey and one of the executive producers is actress and singer Selena Gomez.

This show made me feel so many things; from happiness to sadness to anger in a span of an hour.”

— Krysta Robles

The show itself is intriguing. I personally didn’t read the book, but I want to, even if I already know what happens. There are things that are different from the book to the show – that is always the thing. Not everything is included and I really want to know everything about this show/novel.

For the most part, the worst is at the end and it’s so sad. I cried maybe four times – maybe more, probably more. All I know is that this show is outstanding and they did such a great job with the casting and dialogue and scenery.

There are so many theories already because both the show and book leave you in a cliffhanger. However, I don’t think there should be a second season due to the fact there is no second book and the way they left it makes me wonder. And that’s what draws me in because this book and show is a mystery and to continue it would be so disappointing. They won’t reach the level of book one if they just go on with it, but in their own way, get me?

This show and novel bring awareness to teen suicide, cyber and regular bullying. Some people think these aren’t important issues but they are. I’m a strong and firm believer in what you say to someone does have an effect on them and also if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

I’m sure everyone and their mothers are talking about this show because this show is flipping fantastic. From the scenario to the dialogue to the cast – the directors, producers, and casting directors did such an amazing job with this show and casting. Anyways, the show consists of 13 episodes and that’s quite genius, don’t you think? They are titled “Tape 1, Side A” and so on. I think that’s pretty original.

The episodes are heavy in a way that it touches your heart. Many people go through bullying and sexual harassment but no one does anything. This show truly shows what words can do to a person. It drove a girl to kill herself. This show touched me in a way no other show has.

Now, onto to the actual episodes. Every episode is a different tape and it’s about a different reason why she killed herself. Pretty self-explanatory.

I stayed up late to finish this show. Like 4 a.m. late. I finished it in two days. The episodes are so interesting and the way the tapes show what happens instead of just hearing the tapes is amazing. For the most part, the tapes contain a lot of information about each event leading up to her death. It goes back to a lot of people, 13 people actually. Explaining the show’s and novel’s title. Anyway, within each episode, the reasons get worse. It starts out small, but then they grow into bigger things.

The show’s dynamic is filled with amazing things. 13 Reasons Why shows awareness. From bullying to sexual assault to suicide. These are huge problems in the world, but nobody seems to get that. About 49 percent of children in 4th grade through 12th grade are bullied throughout the US. One in 5 women and 1 in 16 men are sexually assaulted and 63 percent of sexual assault are not reported. And from 1999 to 2010 suicide increased up to 30 percent. If this isn’t alarming, I don’t know what is.

Back to the show: it’s is really something special and close to my heart. The characters are all so different and this show has POC! The show’s cast is so diverse and that makes my heart happy and the characters themselves are so diverse – they’re teenagers on the show and they portray high school students perfectly.

This show made me feel so many things; from happiness to sadness to anger in a span of an hour. 13 Reasons Why shows emotion and that is something a lot of shows can’t achieve. Netflix has the best original shows.

I totally recommend this show. WARNING: there are scenes that may be triggering to some. I give this show a 10 out of 10.