Burger Pursuit: Fries outperform Grand Mac in taste test


The Magnet Tribune: Victoriano Garcia

Grand Mac sits on its box during a taste test.

Victoriano Garcia, Burger Pursuit Columnist

One day, minding my own business doing work at school I came across big news that McDonalds released a new Mac.

I immediately asked the name and difference of the bigger.

“Grand Mac

Just by hearing the name I got super interested on giving it a try.

“It got bigger in size”

This was good. I’ve always complained about the Big Mac’s smallish size and how it’s not really a big burger.

To be honest, I enjoyed the fries more than the burger.”

— Victoriano Garcia

So what I did is I went by McDonald’s drive thru right after school. The McDonald’s on Saunders Street has a double lane on their drive thru. No trouble on getting my meal or having to wait more than usual.

I went home happy to know I’m about to try on the new burger.

I take the burger out of its box and from there it changed my mood. It didn’t seem to be that much of a difference from the Big Mac.

I take the first bite and it wasn’t so bad. The sauce was there but I don’t know, there was nothing special, really.

After taking more bites the sauce started to get to me. I don’t want to say gross out because I do like its sauce most of the time. I guess maybe because I wasn’t hungry.

I wasn’t having any fun. When getting halfway through I didn’t feel like finishing the burger so I stopped and just went for the fries.

To be honest, I enjoyed the fries more than the burger.

I guess what happened is that I overhyped the Grand Mac. This won’t happen again.

I give McDonald’s fries a 10/10 for saving the day. McDonald’s top-of-the-line double drive thru also deserves a 10/10. For the Grand Mac however… a 5/10.