Musical Seoul: Around Gfriend’s “Fingertip”

Gfriend members pose for their teaser photo for their new album The Awakening.

The Magnet Tribune: Source Music

Gfriend members pose for their teaser photo for their new album “The Awakening.”

Mariene Sanchez, Musical Seoul Columnist

Gfriend is a girl group with six members that was formed by Source Music who have recently gotten more famous and are no longer underrated although when they debuted with Glass Bead they didn’t have as much attention as they do today.

The names of those six members are Yuju, Umji, Yerin, SinB, Eunha, and Sowon. Their latest comeback was Fingertip, and many fans were excited to finally have a dark concept instead of the “first love” concept. Of course, their music style was the same, the only thing that was different was that it wasn’t as cheerful.

Many people believe that they had gotten better known with a video of their performance that had gone wrong. While they were performing in the video, the girls were falling down due to the stage being too slippery. Nonetheless, they finished their performance and walked off the stage as if nothing had happened. The same incident happened recently just after their Fingertip comeback at the 2017 Nonsan Strawberry Festival, but they immediately stood up and continued performing, laughing it off.

Their concept for a while was basically schoolgirls experiencing their first love. I instantly thought it was their concept for the setting in their music videos were at a school; they wore school uniforms and the lyrics made sure you had the same idea. For Navillera, they sort of tried to stray away from that concept, but it still had that same feel and so many fans get bored and they want to see something different from them.

Then Fingertip came and the feel was much more different. It wasn’t them experiencing their first love but it was them being confident that they’ll have their love no matter what. The choreography for Fingertip goes really well with the song for their moves always go with the beat of the song, and even though it really is a lot of moving from one place to another, they don’t seem to make any mistakes.

Fingertip is the title track for their new album called “The Awakening” which has the songs “Hear the Wind Sing,” “FINGERTIP” (title), “Contrail,” “Please Save My Earth,” “Rain in the Spring Time,” and “Crush.”

More attention was brought to Gfriend for they performed with popular boy group SEVENTEEN with a skit that included Gfriend’s songs Navillera, Rough, and SEVENTEEN’s songs BOOM BOOM, Adore U, and Very Nice for the 2016 MAMA award show.  SEVENTEEN is a boy group that sings about being madly in love with their significant other so their songs went perfectly together. The cute little skit was SEVENTEEN falling in love with the girls of Gfriend at first sight and so they gave flowers to the girls as a sign of love in which the girls accepted them.

They’re a really funny group when you get to see how they are at home. Umji amd SinB were playing a dancing game and had asked the oldest of the group, Sowon, to watch. At first they were doing okay and they were laughing until SinB accidentally hit Sowon and they both fell to the floor, SinB apologizing, but Umji just ignored what was going on right next to her and continued to dance.

There was a rumor going on that Umji was being bullied by SinB but SinB just has a resting mean face so she was just misunderstood. Umji clarified the rumors on V Live, which is a Korean broadcasting app for idols, saying that after she saw the video of SinB’s facial expressions, she laughed and didn’t feel bad about it. She also added that the members get along really well.

No one sees what goes on when groups are off the cameras so no one really knows if they are getting bullied, but it does happen at times when the members of groups don’t get along very well and they bully each other only to show fake friendship on stage.

I believe Gfriend when they say they do not bully each other for they always laugh when they’re around each other and they have sincere worry written on their faces when one of them falls on stage. These rumors tend to start from antis who don’t really like the group so they create lies and bring a bad name to Gfriend so that they’re are known solely for that rumor.

Aside from the rumors that will come up due to their popularity, Gfriend will overcome obstacles and continue to be a group who focuses on its music instead of scandals. When things get out of hand, members will address the subject and clear up any misunderstandings instead of leaving them alone.