Rising Stars: Wes Tucker gains thousands of followers


A picture from YouNow star Wesley Tucker’s Twitter account.

Maddie Dion, Rising Stars columnist

Wesley Tucker, also known as Wes Tucker, is a 19-year-old social media star that emerged on YouNow but gained notice with his Tumblr blog. He also made covers and other 6-second videos on Vine.

Wesley on YouNow has 305,504 total views and 144.8K fans. When Wes was broadcast on YouNow he would answer questions from his fans as well as sing or just reply to want the comments would say. He wouldn’t have a small audience but it wasn’t big either it was a fair amount of people that he had watching.

Watching back on some of his old broadcasts and he would mostly cover songs like songs from Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran.

Wesley made a Twitter aaccount back in December 2014 and his followers skyrocketed from there. Since, Wesley has gotten so popular for his good looks and his voice and sweet personality, he has been on a tour since January, called Press Play, that has been to cities such as Toronto, Los Angeles, and Boston, and there are more shows coming up in the cities of Dallas, San Diego, Chicago, Atlanta and more.

Wes doesn’t have a huge fan base but also its not small. He has 996k followers on Instagram and 274k on Twitter. He has so many supporters and he cares about all of them so much you can really tell. Even though he doesn’t post on Twitter and Instagram, he does on his Snapchat as Wesleyfinn. He posts on it sometimes once a day but sometimes more than that.

Wesley also has some songs out on iTunes, Hallelujah, Be Alright, and Stronger featuring him. They can all be purchased on iTunes for $0.99 each.

Wesley is such a sweet guy and I only came across him recently but he’s an inspiration to me. He’s so sweet to his fans and I’ve been told he remembers everything his fans tell him so if you meet him again he would be able to tell you what he said to you and what you say to him. To me he’s a beautiful human overall; his snapchats always make me smile or give me chest pain from his good looks and his laugh. When I see pictures of Wesley and his fans it warms my heart because the way he embraces them and the smile he has on his face shows he really cares and loves his supporters.

I talked to some people and asked them how they felt about Wesley overall as a person and if they met him what they thought about him.

My friend Zach that goes by _alwaystheworst on Twitter said “I’ve seen lots of videos of him meeting his fans at Press Play. He has always remembered each person. In every video he gives them a hug so big you can feel it even if you’re not the one being hugged. His personality definitely stands out and I believe he’s nothing like an ordinary celebrity.”

I talked to Paradise also known as dopedaddywes on Instagram and I asked her what she thought of Wes overall and if she had ever met him and she said, “No I haven’t, but I really want to though” about meeting him. She added, “I really like him. I see past his looks. He has a very good heart and makes every girl feel beautiful.”

Serena, who goes by Corruptedtrash on Twitter, said, “I feel like he’s a role model and an inspiration to so many people. He makes peoples days and gives them happiness even when the person is in like depression he can still put a smile on their face.”

Wes is a sweet person and he is someone you would want to have in your life. He seems like such a fun and carefree person to be around.