Musical Seoul: “You Never Walk Alone” with BTS


The Magnet Tribune: BigHit Ent.

BTS poses for a teaser photo for their new album “You Never Walk Alone.”

Mariene Sanchez, Musical Seoul Columnist

BTS has recently let out their new repackaged album “You Never Walk Alone” but sadly, it’s only 4 new tracks along with the songs that were originally from WINGS. Although they only have four new songs, they’re still really good, in my opinion.

I had introduced BTS in a previous column when they released the WINGS album and the music video for Blood Sweat & Tears, so if you don’t know their names, you may want to go to that column and learn who they are.

I wasn’t all that hyped for the music video of Spring Day as I was with Blood Sweat & Tears so I didn’t care for when it was released, but a friend of mine reminded me about it so I decided to actually watch it and I loved it so much.

I’m so glad to hear Rap Monster actually sing a good amount of lines instead of rapping! Of course, he rapped as well but I can never get tired of his singing voice.

JHope doesn’t have any lines in Spring Day which I think is so dumb because I really like his verses in every song they have, but maybe I’m being biased. I still think he should’ve gotten lines in the song.

Again, people are making theories of the music video and trying to connect them to the music videos from before, but I really won’t bother with theories because there are so many that people just tend to come up with.

I can see why everyone is making theories; the music video is really confusing and they just want to understand it and if making their own theories helps them to get an idea of what it means then it’s really fine. At least it’s fun.

I think they’re all great actors. Like for I NEED U and Run, all of the members acted greatly and the music videos consisted of serious topics. So for Spring Day, it wasn’t anything different. Only the song and music video seems more reassuring. Even the title of the album “You Never Walk Alone” sounds reassuring.

The music video for Spring Day starts out with Taehyung (V) at a train station. He gets down and lays down on top on the tracks and all you can hear are the faint horns of the train. From there, you see Jimin sitting down on the beach and then to Rap Monster singing. There are many different scenes, I had to watch the music video many times to at least catch up on the settings.

Then along with Spring Day, Not Today has its own music video which is even more confusing but hey. Their choreography in the music video is so good that it makes up for all of the confusion. They even have a choreography version of the music video.

The music video starts off with Rap Monster walking in an empty parking lot and is surrounded by people dressed in black. Then the music starts.

Both of the music videos are so pleasing to watch because the pastel colors that they used are so vibrant and soft though the songs sound completely different from each other. At first I didn’t really like Not Today but it grew on me and there are times I catch myself realizing that I have it stuck in my head.

They released the live performances of both the songs and of course Not Today’s choreography is the same as it is in the music video, but since the music video for Spring Day didn’t have any choreography, it was the first time actually seeing them dance to the song. I’ve only seen a few bits of the dance due to some clips on twitter but I’m glad to finally see the whole complete dance.

Lastly, having one of the biggest fan base in Korea, they broke the record of most views under 24 hours on YouTube which was a big accomplishment considering they are a foreign group. BTS has only been here a few years so they’ve got more to go, so they will accomplish more and more as they proceed.