Burger Pursuit: Hamburguesa Grande from Pino’s tastes good with jalapeño

Victoriano Garcia, Burger Pursuit Columnist

On Saturday afternoon I and a friend decided to go to Pino’s Burgers located at 2517 E. Del Mar Blvd. This is my first time going so as I park I see the place and so far so good.

We enter and it looked like a small decent place.

We sit on the first empty table, and start waiting.

I and my friend talked for a good ten minutes and still unattended.

I started asking myself if we’re supposed to wait for a waiter or we have to order at the counter.

I haven’t tried a Mexican style burger in a long time so I was in for some memories.”

— Victoriano Garcia

I didn’t mind going up to the counter to make sure. So I stood up and make my way to the counter and I see a menu there.

“May I read the menu,” I asked.

“Yes,” the employee responded.

So what I did was call my friend over to come and look at the menu.

At that point the employee stopped me and told me and my friend to go back to our seats. He noticed that us having to stand up looked bad on them.

We sit down and I see the employee go up to one of the waiters. They start having a conversation. I’m guessing the employee told him to get working because after that the waiter attended our table real quick.

We didn’t mind about the bad service because we weren’t in a hurry. It was all good since we were just chilling.

We made our orders and now the waiting time starts. We both ordered the Hamburguesa Grande with a medium combo.

I haven’t tried a Mexican style burger in a long time so I was in for some memories.

Ten minutes pass by and our orders come to the table.

The burgers looked as if they were worked on for hours. So beautifully crafted that you don’t even want to take a bite. The burger’s size didn’t match the name. It was a bit bigger than a homemade sandwich, but the look and taste covered up for it.

After staring at the burger for a few minutes I got straight to business and go in for a bite. As soon as my teeth get a grasp of the bun I feel the nice warmness a burger is supposed to have. I decided to stop going easy so I ripped the piece off the burger from the first bite and started devouring it. The feeling was amazing. So many flavors. My reaction from the first bite was to go in for a second right after. I made sure to make this one count.

On my second bite I made sure to get something out of every ingredient and it sure got the job done. I could tell that the burger had a taste of avocado. It’s quite different when you’re being patient and taking your time. I decided to be more open minded and tried out the burger with a bit of jalapeño that was on the side of the plate. I take a bite of the jalapeño and right afterwards I take a bite of the burger. This… changed… everything. It intensified the whole experience. I recommend trying it with burgers such as this one. The flavor was so good I finished my jalapeño and asked for another one.

I and my friend took around 25 minutes finishing this burger. The reason for the wait was that we weren’t in a hurry; we were just talking and vibing.

Before I left I asked one of the employees the ingredients of the burger. I was told lettuce, tomato, mustard, a patty, buns of course, cheese, and some delicious avocado. All of these ingredients packed a serious punch on each bite you take. But the highlight of this experience was trying the burger out with some jalapeño.

I rate the restaurant 7 out of 10. I’ll give the burger a good rate of 8 out 10. I was expecting a much bigger size but it was roughly a medium size burger.

I enjoyed my experience at this restaurant and I would definitely come again.