Game Corner: Jump into adventure with Pokémon X

The Magnet Tribune:
Sylveon, a fairy-type Pokemon, battles against Haxorus, a dragon-type Pokemon.

Manuel Ruiz, Game Corner Columnist

Game Corner Reviews: Pokémon X
Pokémon X and Y was revealed on January 8, 2013, during a worldwide live stream through a Nintendo Direct hosted by former Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata. The game took 3.5 years to create, according to the game’s director Junichi Masuda and included more than 500 people.

Both versions were then released on October 12, 2013, worldwide, making it the first in the series.
To celebrate the series 20th anniversary of the franchise along with the release of newer titles Sun and Moon I present you with Pokémon X for the Nintendo 3DS.

Pokémon X has a simple plot. The player is woken up by its mother Pokémon who encourages the player to meet its new neighbors. If the player chooses a male avatar they will meet Serena or if the player chooses a female avatar they will meet Calem.

After arriving at Aquacorde town they are introduced to Tierno and Trevor, who are also one of the selected children to help with the research.

The player then has to choose a Pokémon starter which is Fennekin, a fire type, Froakie a water type, or Chespin, a grass type. After choosing a starter they are also given a Pokedex to collect data of Pokémon the player encounters, and lastly, they are given a letter for the player’s mother asking if they can go on the journey around the Kalos Region.

Pokémon X is similar to previous Pokémon titles in gameplay. You’re a trainer traveling the region catching brand new Pokémon and stopping an evil organization. Pokémon X and Y are similar to each other as in gameplay but are different from each other as X has its exclusive Pokémon and as well as its exclusive legendary Pokémon. Pokémon X is very friendly to newcomers to the series with the Exp Share, an item that helps players level up their Pokémon quicker.

Lastly Pokémon X and Y also introduced a new mechanic to the series, Mega Evolution. Mega Evolution is a temporary form certain Pokémons gain. The player requires having a Mega Ring and a Mega Stone for the Pokémon. In Pokémon X and Y, there are 28 Mega stones with two Pokémon having different stones on both versions.

New Features
In Pokémon X and Y, a brand new type was introduced the Fairy type. This brand new typing was added as a way to add a weakness to Dragon-type Pokémon. Fairy type is very effective on Dragon, Fighting, and Dark types, but is weak with Poison and Steel types.

Players can now customize their trainer anyway they like to. When the player starts off the game they can choose to be either a male or female trainer and can choose three different skin tones with different hair color. As players progress thru the game they can change their trainer’s hair color and have more clothing options.

Pokémon-Amie is a brand new feature that allows players to pet or feed their Pokémon as a way to create stronger bonds with them which can help players evolve certain Pokémon that need a strong bond.

A brand new online feature called the Player Search System allows players to battle, or trade with other players through online. It can also be used locally with players who also own the game.

Lastly, Super Training is also a brand new feature that helps players with Pokémon EV’s (Effect Value) which are stats that are obtained after defeating certain Pokémon. This helps players obtain EV’s faster, and obtain certain ones they want.

Pokémon X is a great installment for newcomers and a great way for people to learn the basics of Pokémon such learning the weaknesses for each type, catching old and new Pokémon and also having a way to catch older legendary Pokémon.

As great as Pokémon X is for newcomers it still has its issues. If the player is playing on an older model of the Nintendo 3DS the game will drop frames during battles, and if the player uses 3D during battle it will also cause the frames to drop, so it’s recommended to either play on a “new” 3DS model.

Lastly, Pokémon X difficulty can be too easy for returning players which can cause people to lose interest in completing the game. An example would be this generation’s rivals which the player has four in X and Y but show no challenge to the player.

Final Thoughts
Pokémon X is a great way to start off for newcomers to the series but for returning fans may see this as a bad installment to return to. With the new features added there are also a few issues such as the game’s difficulty, and frames issues.

I give Pokémon X an 8/10.