TV FANatic: This show makes me “Scream”


The Magnet Tribune: MTV

Scream promo poster. Credits go to MTV.

Krysta Robles, TV FANatic columnist

We all know and love the original slasher movie that Wes Craven directed. Scream, originally entitled Scary Movie, is a franchise that is still growing. It was a movie, but now is remade as a show. The show  stars Willa Fitzgerald (season 1-present), Bex Taylor-Klaus (season 1-present), Carlson Young (season 1-present), Amadeus Serafini (season 1-season 2), John Karna (season 1-present), Tracy Middendorf (season 1-present), Tom Maden (seasons 1-2), Connor Weil (season 1), Santiago Segura (season 2), Kiana Brown (season 2), and Jason Wiles (season 1).

The show has grown to become one of my favorites to sit down and watch. Most of the time, I have things to do and I just listen to the dialogue, but for this show I have to sit down because there are so many plot twists you would never have thought of. Season 1 was the starting point and season 2 was the pick up. There were more views and it’s understandable: the show has grown and is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

As a whole, the show and the characters are so well put together and I’m very proud to say I was here since the beginning.”

— Krysta Robles

I have yet to finish the second season, but from where I stand, it is the best season out of the two that there are. Halloween is still a memory and the show had a Halloween special which is great. I was super excited for that, to be quite honest. Anyways, as the show progresses, it gets more intense and when I say “intense” I mean INTENSE!

For the most part, Scream, the TV show, follows the storyline of the 1996 slasher movie. I love the slasher movie; I am a huge fan, so when I heard that there was going to be a show about it, I screamed. Yes, I screamed. It was amazing – even though it isn’t revolving around Sydney Prescott, it does have the same storyline.

Emma Duval, played by Willa Fitzgerald, is an average teen whose father and mother were involved in a murder crisis in the past. Now, in season one, basically in the beginning, the murders started happening after a cyberbullying incident. It does get worse than that – the people that were involved in the cyberbullying incident start to get murdered. There are so many dark twists and they’re scary good.

I am on the second season and I haven’t finished it yet, but what I have seen it has so many turns and twists and I am excited to see them. Honestly, all I want to do is find out who the murderer is because I have so many theories and it actually surprises me that I haven’t spoiled for it myself.

I give this show a 10 out 10. I would recommend if you’re into remakes and like the “Scream” franchise. For myself, this is a great remake franchise.

The show has done great so far. As a whole, the show and the characters are so well put together and I’m very proud to say I was here since the beginning. As of right now, a couple of months after the season finale, MTV hasn’t confirmed a third season. I am upset, very much so. However, there have been clues that the series is not over yet. But, then again, this is a theory and the producers may just leave us on a cliffhanger. That upsets me, a little too much.

Nonetheless, the show is something everyone should give a chance – it’s great and I would totally recommend it to everyone.

You can watch Scream on MTV at 9 PM Laredo time or on Netflix.