Musical Seoul: BTS comes back with ‘Blood Sweat Tears’


The Magnet Tribune: BigHit Entertainment

BTS poses for Blood Sweat Tears teaser photo.

Mariene Sanchez, Musical Seoul Columnist

BTS has released its new album that fans have been anticipating ever since they released their first short film hinting a comeback. It’s a very confusing comeback as each short film has its own story, and there are 7 short films. Don’t worry, they’re at least 2-5 minutes long as if they were music videos.

The Blood Sweat Tears music video itself is very confusing as all their other music videos are but there are many theories. Honestly, I don’t even bother with the theories for the group itself probably doesn’t even know the true story behind their videos. And if they did, they won’t be revealing their stories soon. The choreography is amazing which is what I would expect from BTS, and they even released a practice video of it.

Since I haven’t talked about BTS, the boy group consists of seven boys who are Jin, V, Suga, Jimin, J-Hope, RapMonster, and Jungkook. They are so popular in the kpop industry that their music videos have millions of views and their fan base is big and loyal to them, so if you’re into kpop it’d be very surprising if you didn’t know who they were unless you’re just barely getting into it.

Before I get to the music video, I’m going to be talking about the album. If you were to order the physical copy of the album you would have to choose between four versions. The track list is the same in each version; it’s just the photobooks that are different.

There are versions W, I, N, and G.  Version W consists of Jin and the rest of BTS. Version I consists of J-Hope and V. Version N consists of Jimin and Suga. Lastly, version G consists of RapMonster and Jungkook. You can get also get the bundle that includes all of the versions if you can’t decide which to choose.

The track list has 15 songs; most of them being solos by each member. The short films were basically teasers for each member and their own solos which are very amazing and different from each other. It really gives each of them a chance to express their talents by themselves in different songs.

In the short films and the music video, they recited and referenced the book of Demian. The music video was overall confusing to me. Why is V’s wings cut off? Why is Jin’s face cracking? Why did Jin kiss that statue? Who’s the fallen angel?

At this point, theories are becoming so ridiculous that I don’t bother trying to find out what’s actually going on, but it’s still very interesting that I loved the music so much. So much was happening and there many colors mixed in with an eerie white. I absolutely loved it. It was really pretty. So were the choreography and vocals.

The album has lots to do with praising their parents, depression and self-love/hate and it’s the first time I’ve seen a group personally sing about those for they do go through those things. They are only human.

This group is growing and will only continue to grow and beat records due to their hard work being recognized and loved by fans all around the world. It’s basically every kpop group’s dream to be able to achieve that so I’m glad BTS is achieving that goal.

Aside from the group continuously getting fame, I always enjoy their music. I haven’t really heard a song I’ve disliked from them yet and I don’t think that’ll happen soon, so I really do believe they’re worth being a fan of and I recommend almost all of their music. They’re all really cute and dorky so that’s a bonus.