Rising Stars: Musician has 64.7 million followers

The Magnet Tribune: Twitter.com
Jacob Whiteside’s picture as it appears on Twitter.

Maddie Dion, Rising Stars Columnist

Jacob Michael Whitesides is a popular musician who started on YouTube and Vine with over 1.5 million followers on Instagram, 64.7 million followers on Twitter and 393,563 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

Born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee, he first noticed while at a festival in 2008. That’s when he first became interested in music.

Jacob has been on many tours such as one with Fifth Harmony, Magcon, Teen Hoot, Omg Fest, The Love Sick tour and the one he’s on at the moment, Ben Rector’s The Biggest Tour I Have Done So Far Tour. He will be on that tour until March 3.

In 2012 he made the first cut of The X Factor and there is where he met Beatrice Miller, also known as Bea Miller. Jacob and her dated for over a year and they recently broke up due to being on tour and not having enough time to spend with each other on off days.

Jacob is such a sweetheart to all of his fans. He does so much for them such as following, direct messaging or meeting them on the side of the road. He does so much; he is so grateful for his fans and supporters. Jacob’s relationship with his fans is really special as he tries to meet and follow and get to know so many of his fans. There was this one girl that goes by the name Cookiescrumblers. She is a cancer survivor, and Jacob and her became very close.

When his videos first began to gain even a trace of traction, he made it a point to interact with every single burgeoning Whitesides devotee. Tirelessly responding to comments, setting alarms to hop on Facebook to chat with fans in different time zones, offering advice and words of encouragement, and even opinions on outfits (when requested). Even to this day he manages to maintain a level of tailored interaction that’s practically unheard of.

Jacob’s personality is very unique. He’s such a sweetheart and is a very big momma’s boy; he’s very close to his family. His sister Sierra and him have a close relationship. It’s not like the normal brother-sister relationship; they don’t have very many arguments and they are so supportive of each other.

Whenever you see or hear about people meeting Jacob, you never hear that he was rude. Someone on Twitter that goes by the name asdfghjkjacob, or Hope, has met him twice, and she’s told me so much about it, how he told her that she was beautiful. Jacob is overall a type of guy you want to bring home to the family; he’s not someone your mom tells you to watch out for.

He’s not someone your mom tells you to watch out for. ”

— Maddie Dion

In 2014 Jacob released an EP called 3AM where he published five songs such as Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s and This by Ed Sheeran. That EP did so well he released a second EP called A Piece Of Me in 2015 with songs he wrote. The song Words was his first single on the EP. He then released songs here and there and other albums such as Faces On Film and Why? A Piece Of Me as well as Faces On Film reached number 1 on U.S. iTunes.

Jacob’s songs have so much emotion behind them they all have some sort of special meaning to him, so it makes it have a special meaning to his fans.

Recently for my sweet 16 party many of Jacob’s songs were played such at Hold on Honey, from his new album Why?

When Jacob first picked up a guitar at age 8 he learned to play three songs, Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s, Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival, and She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5. From there things just took off.

Like many married couples his mother and father ended in divorce; He then moved in with his dad until he moved back with his mom. This is what gave him inspiration for the song Ohio from the EP A Piece Of Me.

Jacob overall is a very humble young man. If you have the chance you should check him out; you won’t be disappointed.