TV FANatic: There is only One Tree Hill


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One of One Tree Hill’s official posters.

Krysta Robles, TV FANatic columnist

What is One Tree Hill? A show full of love, heartbreak, family, friends, and everything in between. It’s a show of teenagers becoming mature adults. It’s a show about heartbreak; a thing teenagers and adults go through each and every day. It’s about love; everyone loves at some point and not a lot of them end up with their first love. It’s about family and friends; “Friends are family you get to choose yourself.”

So, I suggest this show to you; it will change your life. The life lessons are absolutely amazing. Watch it on Netflix; 10/10 will suggest.”

— Krysta Robles

I absolutely love One Tree Hill.  Although, I was iffy about it when I was watching the first season. I was unsure if I should keep going, but then I put the thought of the show not being good aside and I continued it. I don’t regret continuing it. I, along other people, think that the first season was a little bit boring.

The first season revolves on the core five as the beginning as juniors; Nathan Scott, Lucas Scott, Haley James, Peyton Sawyer, and Brooke Davis. They are revolved in their own worlds, but they collide in the fourth episode. Its totally amazing. Anyways, season one is the season Naley happened, also known as Haley James and Nathan Scott. Also the hatred between the brothers, Lucas and Nathan Scott, is subsiding. Which is good. Okay, so season one is just getting the background on the characters, and it’s amazing.

Season 2 chronicles the remainder of junior year at Tree Hill High. Lucas and Nathan begin to bond as brothers. Peyton experiments with drugs. Both Karen and Keith find new loves, but Keith doesn’t find happiness when he finds out Dan hired her to break his heart. Haley leaves town to go on tour, breaking Nathan’s heart. Brooke goes on a journey of self-discovery while Peyton falls in love and gets involved with drugs when she has to leave via Wikipedia. Season two always breaks my heart because my Naley heart. Seriously, my life revolves around two fictional characters love for each other. Kind of sad, to be honest, but that’s my life. Anyways, season two, for a fact, broke my heart.

Season three, oh season three, such a happy AND sad phase with Naley. It literally messed with my heart so many times. Season three revolves around the last days of summer going into their senior year. Haley comes back from tour to reconnect with Nathan. She comes back for them and because of her best friend, Luke, it was possible. Starting three months after the second season finale, Dan Scott (Johansson) tries to figure out who tried to kill him. Brooke and Lucas (Bush and Murray) enter a relationship, and Haley (Galeotti) returns to save her marriage. Peyton (Burton) gets to know her biological mother, Ellie Harp (Sheryl Lee). The season continues to the renewal of Haley and Nathan‘s (Lafferty) wedding vows, and the consequences of Cooper Lee‘s (Michael Trucco) relationship with the new girl Rachel Gatina (Danneel Harris) via Wikipedia.

Season four, I’m pretty sure this is my favorite (besides season three), because they’re almost done with high school and going into adulthood. For me, that is the best thing ever. So there is so much more the core four go through, Haley and Nathan (Scott) deal with money problems and a teen pregnancy, Brooke (Davis) becomes friends with an enemy, Lucas (Scott) deals with the death of his uncle, Keith (Scott), and Dan (Scott) helps Karen with Keith’s baby. So many things happen in this show and I am so happy that I was apart of this show, even though I am a bit late on it.

So, I suggest this show to you; it will change your life. The life lessons are absolutely amazing. Watch it on Netflix; 10/10 will suggest.