Gamebreaker: The Division is enjoyable with friends

Eric Botello, Gamebreaker Columnist

The Division is a role-playing third person shooter-type game with survival elements.

The game takes place in Manhattan with elements the player can destroy and explore. The player’s main objective is to restore order by investigating the source of the virus. Players have to team up as they progress in the game.

There is this place called the Dark Zone. It’s a player versus player-type multiplayer in The Division where there are a lot of high-end weapons left behind by the military which retreats in the game.

The Dark Zone is apart from the campaign and has its own progression system. Players may be able to discover valuable loot known as “contaminated loot” which other players can take and have equipped temporarily while they are in the Dark Zone. The only way players can keep the loot is by helicopter extraction out of the Dark Zone. Players can form a group but need to be careful because one of them can go rouge.

Player’s level and ranking may go down if they die too often in the Dark Zone.

The core mechanics of the game are similar to any other third-person shooter, in which the character can carry three weapons and explosives to fight against enemies. Players have the option to take cover during gun fights as the game is third person, the player model is visible, and it gives you a tactical advantage on the enemy.

As the players progress, they get experience points and currency to get better gear and upgrade the gear they already have. They also have the ability to customize their characters’ appearance and unlock new skills and talents. Players can complete missions and unlock new skills and abilities such as being able to throw health grenades and a radar that sweeps and finds enemies and tags them.

The game features a dynamic weathering system which can affect the players with advantages or disadvantages. There may be a thunderstorm which can reduce the player’s visibility but it affects the player’s ability to aim. It also has a day and night cycle which changes enemy behavior depending on the time of day.

Reviews are very positive on the game on, and as of March 28 the overall rating on the Xbox One version is 4.6 stars with 192 total reviews and a 95 percent recommend rate. Most of the ratings are 5 stars with 133 reviews.

One player named sidewinder gave it a five-star review and stated, “Awesome game, doesn’t disappoint and online rocks.”

Another player by the name of Vman9933 gave it a three-star review and said, “This isn’t my favorite game when it come to Tom Clancy’s games I tend to lean toward the stealth missions and stuff like that this game doesn’t have a lot of that, the games graphics is spectacular even though it wasn’t my favorite.”

Not everyone that got the game enjoyed it as they didn’t find it as fun as others did.

A player named thedeancorp gave it a one-star review that said, “While they say this game can be played single player, it is very difficult and can take the fun out of the game. I feel like I am running more than I am playing, which gets old real fast. Graphics are awesome, but the game was more work than it was fun. If you are a more hardcore gamer, with a group of friends, I can see the appeal.”

I personally enjoyed the open beta. It was a lot of fun playing with friends because the random moments that ended up happening. We ended up just getting stuck in a building for like five minutes just because we were being idiots at the time and were just having fun with the game. I would rate this game four stars just because i enjoyed it playing alone and with friends. I would’ve given it five stars if it had more player vs player game play.