TV FANatic: Teen Wolf has me howling

TV FANatic: Teen Wolf has me howling

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Krysta Robles, TV FANatic Columnist

Teen Wolf: a soul crushing and heart-breaking show. I can tell you from experience that I have watched this show with tears streaming down my face. It has broken my heart more than anything. It has cause me so much emotional and physical pain. I swear to you, I have cried so many times.

There are so many things I love about Teen Wolf; the characters, the plots, and the plot twists. There are so many plot twists and I cry, hurt, and ache become of them. Usually, shows don’t interest me unless they are on Netflix. So, this show changed that.

Okay, Teen Wolf is pretty much my life. I love it so much. Not only because of the plot, but also because of its characters.

Now, the plot changes every season – they are now on season 5B, which means it is the second part of season 5.

The plot in season two was finding out who bit the teen wolf, aka Scott McCall (an actual puppy, pun intended) and the teenage wolf falls in love with Allison Argent, but there is a twist. Ha! It’ll get you. And, to go more into depth, they need to find the alpha.

Season two, new villain and new characters: Isaac Lahey, Vernon “Boyd” Boyd, and Erica Reyes. Season two is one of my favorite seasons of Teen Wolf. Don’t get me started. Season two is all about a reptile-like villain killing everyone, but no one knows who that reptile is. Unless you watch the show, to be honest.

Onto season three, aka my favorite season. Season three is literally the most heartbreaking season. A lot of stuff goes down and let me tell you, I cried so many times throughout this season. Especially season 3B. Season 3B was so messed up and a main character died and I am so upset, still am. I still cry. Don’t remind of their death, I will cry because they were so important and wonderful. Anyway, you would know who “they” is, IF you watch Teen Wolf, but if you don’t, you have not lived. Nonetheless, season three has such a good (read: GREAT AND HEARTBREAKING) plotline. During season 3B you don’t expect that villain to be that certain character and it will be such a plot twist to those who haven’t watched Teen Wolf (you totally should by the way).

Teen Wolf: a soul crushing and heart-breaking show. I can tell you from experience that I have watched this show with tears streaming down my face.”

— Krysta Robles, columnist

Season four is probably my least favorite season of them all. Season four is about a deadpool about all the supernatural. And guess what? Just guess. The pack, also known as the McCall pack, is on it because they are the epitome of supernatural. That season was fun, but it was kind of boring. I just – it’s my least favorite, but nonetheless, it was also awesome!

Season five aka the most messed up and confusing season of them all. I think season five is my second favorite season after season three. Season five revolves around the pack losing themselves even if they lost themselves way before that season. And there are villains between themselves during this season – well, that’s what I believe.

For example, Scott, the pack leader, believes the death of many people is his fault. He also believes that the fallout of the pack is his fault – which it isn’t. People lose hope in this season and that breaks my heart.

One of the main characters is in Eichen House, which is an asylum. She does not belong there by the way; her mother put her there for the “better.” It’s not for the better, for your information. So, this current season is breaking my heart because the pack’s friendship means so much to me, but in the last episode, they fixed everything and that made my heart swell and come back from pieces into one.

So, Teen Wolf deserves 100/10. I totally recommend this to you all. Seriously. Watch it. Watch Teen Wolf at 9/8c on Tuesday, on MTV. #TeenWolfTuesday!