Musical Seoul: LU:KUS is underrated but amazing!

The Magnet Tribune:

LU:KUS’ photoshoot for “Break Ya” from

Mariene Sanchez, Musical Seoul columnist

From Pan Entertainment, LU:KUS is a five membered boy group (Donghyun, Haewon, Kyungjin, Seokhoon, and Jinwan) who are, sadly, underrated in the Korean music industry.

LU:KUS is very hard working and are hard on themselves at times when they feel as though they aren’t trying hard enough. They practice their songs for a very long time before the song even comes out for the world to listen to.

LU:KUS is very talented and it’s sad knowing that not a lot of people know about the group.

They’ve only released three singles which are “So Into U,” “Break Ya,” and “Beautiful,” and I believe that those three are very good considering that those are the only songs they’ve released so far.

Members said that the biggest regret they have is doing what they HAD to do on stage. They thought they were too stiff and that they weren’t quite “enjoying themselves like they should have been,” but if you watch their performances, they really performed well despite their own comments.

Even though the members are serious and hardworking, they’re total dorks as well. They make really weird jokes and sometimes, they don’t even make sense because they’re supposed to be inside jokes between themselves.

Lately, Haewon has been getting lots of attention from online people because of his handsome features, but although he’s been getting attention, the music his group makes isn’t.

LU:KUS is very talented and it’s sad knowing that not a lot of people know about the group.”

— Mariene Sanchez, columnist

Since LU:KUS is really underrated, I recommend that you do watch their music video for So Into U and decide whether or not they are worth watching and listening to.