Hear, Say: Justin Bieber has a “Purpose”


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Photo of Justin Bieber’s album, “Purpose.” Buy it on iTunes now!

Krysta Robles, Hear, Say Columnist

Justin Bieber is the ultimate pop singer who has been around since 2009. You may know him for his mistakes, but trust me, everyone criticizes him for one mistake even though Bieber is only human. Okay, back to his career; his musical career started at only 16, but he started on YouTube way before that.

His is manager Scooter [Braun], and the way he found him will blow your mind. He found Bieber singing on YouTube; Justin was a regular kid before his manager found him and made him the singer he is now.

Justin Bieber, now 21 years of age, released his album, “Purpose,” Friday, Nov. 13.

Most know Justin for his mistakes. I don’t blame them, of course, but after all the things he has done, don’t you think he deserves a break? He’s made mistakes and he has apologized, world wide, on his episode of “Bieber Roast.” Besides all of the media hating him, they don’t recognize the charity he has done. No one has. And it pains me because he tries so hard and no one is there to get it. But once he does a mistake, it’s like everyone is there to see it.

With his new album out, “Purpose,” it seems as though old fans are trying to return. I stayed; I’ve been a fan of his since 2011, 2 years after he started. Anyways, his new music is beautiful and Mariene Sanchez, a fellow columnist, likes his new sense of music style. And she doesn’t like English music all that much, she likes Korean music.

I bought his album as soon it was released. I love his new style and I’m sure, you will love it, too. 10/10 recommend.

I recommend this album because it’s not like his other albums. He sounds more mature and is more diverse in his style of music. He is maturing — not only himself, but his music as well. In his album and his music, you can tell through his music is expressing his apologies through music and beautifully written lyrics.

In “Purpose” he says a speech that speaks out to those who go through problems every day. In “Life Is Worth Living,” he tells of going through depression and stopped working as an  artist.

He is facing problems every day and overcomes them over with his beautifully written album and lyrics.