Burger Pursuit: Poor service but great food

Victoriano Garcia, Burger Pursuit Columnist

At about 11:30 a.m. on a Sunday I went to get a Baconator from Wendy’s at 1520 East Saunders St.

What I saw when I entered the restaurant was really unprofessional. I saw a group of workers talking behind the cash register. I myself don’t mind this situation but I was the only customer at the time. Six employees were talking and ignoring my presence. I had to get out of my comfort zone and get their attention to finally place my order.

I ordered a Baconator with a medium sweet tea.

After I placed my order I stepped out to the restroom. The restroom was mighty clean but probably because it was the morning.

I arrived at my table and I wasn’t surprised: my table was clean.

My order arrived 9 minutes after I had ordered it. This is part of ordering a Baconator from Wendy’s.

Finally the good part kicks in. I could feel the scent of bacon stabbing me in the nose. The cheese is so warm in your mouth as if it were using your mouth as shelter. The patty was just the right amount of juice. The burger looked on point but it ended up being a wreck due to the bottom bun. The bottom bun was falling apart from each bite. The bottom bun is the base of the burger, and when the base of the burger is destroyed the whole burger perishes.

I ended up finishing my burger by picking up the fallen pieces with my fingers.

My sweet tea saved the day. The sweet tea was very addicting. I ended up getting a refill. I mean it was refreshing and the ice made it nice and cool.

I give the Wendy’s at 1520 East Saunders St. a 3 stars out of 5 on this visit.