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Character Emily from the Until Dawn horror game.

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Character Emily from the Until Dawn horror game.

Eric Botello, GameBreaker Columnist

Until Dawn First Impressions

Until Dawn is a horror/survival game that is a PlayStation 4 exclusive. The game has amazing graphics that really reach out and grab you. The first time I played the game it was a very enjoyable moment.

The gameplay mechanics is similar to Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain are very enjoyable, and Until Dawn have a very good horror factor to it.

The games ending is truly decided on the players actions on who lives and who dies.

The game really gives you a suspenseful feel to it.

The characters must do what they can to survive the psychopath and the Wendigos.”

— Eric Botello

The games is about 10 friends who go to Blackwoods Mountains in Washington they get there and they decide to play a prank on Hanna who is interested in Matt. Embarrassed she goes out into a storm and her sister Beth runs out to get her. She finds Hanna crying in the open and Beth tries to calm her down.

They realize they are being watched and run from an unseen being. They soon fall off a cliff to their death.

One year later Josh invites the rest of the eight friends back to Blackwoods. Soon after they realize they are not alone on the mountain.


One of the survivors is helped by a stranger that explains what’s on the mountain. He explains that the mountain is infested by Wendigos, an evil spirit that eats human flesh. The rest of the characters do what they can to survive the Wendigos and a psychopath that is chasing them on the mountain.

The survivors uncover the secrets of Blackwoods and discover that miners had died in an explosion and very few survived and the miners that survived became Wendigos.

The characters must do what they can to survive the psychopath and the Wendigos. Later in the game you will discover that the psychopath is a friend named Josh.

Matt and Emily go out to call for help after they discover one of their friends had died. The call the mountain rangers for help but are informed that they cannot arrive until dawn because of a storm. The player then has the option to kill Josh or leave him there after they discover that he was the psychopath that was chasing them on the mountain.

The rest of the survivors do what they can to evade the Wendigos and survive until dawn. In the end if you let Josh survive he becomes one of the Wendigos and is revealed as one.The cops go investigate the mountains and Josh attacks them.

The game adapts to the players choices so all ending are different based on who’s dead and who survives. It is truly an amazing game that many players have been waiting for since it was announced at Gamescom 2012 then never heard from again until Gamescom 2014 when it was re-announced.

The games developers said that when it was first announced it would be a first person game, but this was changed as the game was still being developed until it was re-announced in 2014 and released on August 25.

It was originally set to use the PlayStation 3 move controller but was moved to PlayStation 4s dualshock controller. The game was developed by Supermassive Games and was their first game that was a horror/survival game. They made other games but were made for the PlayStation 3s move controller.

The game is amazing and truly has been the horror game many gamers have been wanting for many years.