Game Corner: Creating homes in a cute way

The Magnet Tribune: Screen shot
A Villager dancing to its new home.

Manuel Ruiz, Game Corner Columinst


The Animal Crossing Series has always been a personal favorite series of mine ever since its debut in America in 2001. The franchise has always been known to be a great time waster since the game brings you in to the world of Animal Crossing.

The gameplay has always been turning over a new leaf as you start to move into a new town with little money and start creating bonds with the villagers around you!

Happy Home Designer is a fresh new spin off of creating homes for all-time favorite villagers and including new villagers along the way.


Gameplay wise it’s not an ordinary Animal Crossing game where you can customize your home or village instead you’re a home designer.

The gameplay starts off with Tom Nook asking a new face to the town, Lottie, about the new worker coming in to join Nook’s Homes since he doesn’t remember how you look. So you design how you look by Gender, Eyes, Skin Color, Hair style and color.

Your then introduced to the workers in Tom’s House which are returning faces like Digby and Lyle along with Lottie.

Your first task as a rookie is to help design a home as a way to introduce players to the new mechanics of the game.

The main goal of the game is to create home for villagers then along the way create buildings for the unnamed town that you help grow along the way.

At first you start off with very little furniture to design homes with but as time goes on you will always get new furniture as you progress to the game. Along the way you now have the freedom to pick which spot the villagers can live in and design the outside of a villager’s house and also create building like a Shop, Hospital, and a School based on your imagination. There is also an online feature which can be used to see other player’s designs around the world which can be visited and rated by the player thought.

Second thing is that the game doesn’t feel a spin off instead it feels like a virtual doll house with the animal crossing theme added in.”

— Manuel Ruiz

amiibo Integration

Happy Home designer is the first in the series to use amiibo functionality which can be used to unlock design requests from the villagers depicted on the cards which can be used on New Nintendo 3DS systems along with regular 3DS Systems with the use of a NFC adapter which was bundle with the game. The cards are cheaper than model amiibos and are in a pack which contains 5 random villagers, plus one special random character. The amiibo cards are a great way to design favorite villagers of the player if they can’t find the villager they are looking for.


The gameplay feels smooth and has a search system which can be used to find furniture on the word you type on, and is perfectly useful when looking for certain items. The game also gives players a book to learn more ways to design homes like adding ceiling fans, or adding/removing windows to the villagers by using Play coins once there are now able to use it without using play coins again.

The game also has an edit feature to help players in case they didn’t enjoy the outcome of the design of the home after they seen the house once more.


Even though the game is great it still has its flaws. For one the game has a feature when you add a furniture to the villager home they do an Emotion showing how they love or shock on what you added to the house. The main problem with this feature is that villager don’t seem to say anything about an unrelated furniture to their theme all they do is a shock emotion or don’t say anything to the player about it. If the player does not add any furniture or anything related to the theme they don’t seem to punish the player by being mad or telling the player to do it over again.

Second thing is that the game doesn’t feel a spin off instead it feels like a virtual doll house with the animal crossing theme added in.

Final thoughts

My final thoughts on the game is that it’s not perfect yet but it’s not bad either. It’s a great game to enjoy for the meanwhile we wait for a main series game. For a long time series, fans that play the game won’t enjoy it as the previous titles of the game but it maintains fun gameplay and keeps players from coming back to design more homes for favorite villagers.

The game gets a 7/10.