The Book Look: Earth doesn’t know its been invaded in The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

Belen Silva, The Book Look Columnist

Apocalyptic fiction seems to be the new IT topic for books, doesn’t it? But really, are we complaining?

These past couple of years have been very exciting for fiction and science fiction literature. The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, The Host are all books that have kept us at the edge of our seats through the very end.

I recently read The 5th Wave by Rick Yancy, and it has to be the BEST apocalyptic fiction book I’ve ever read, and yes, including The Hunger Games.

Could her killer be trying to save her life?”

— Belen Silva, Columnist

The world has been taken over by aliens which humans refer to as the “Others.” A few months ago the aliens unleashed stages of supernatural disasters that occur every so often which will eventually wipe out the human race. The stages of these disasters are called waves. So far since the Other landings there’s been four waves.

The first wave consists of all the electricity in the world going out which caused the death of over half a million people.

The second wave is a release of enormous objects from the Other spaceships, landing on the Earth’s fault lines causing a massive tsunami that wiped out 3 billion people.

The third wave is like an Ebola virus that has been spreading through birds onto humans. The process lasts less than a month in which you eventually explode, infecting anyone that might be around you.

The fourth and final wave, so far, is the taking of young, healthy, human children from their families. Military officers visit each human populated area that has not been destroyed yet and gather all the young children to take them to Camp Haven, a camp where they will be protected and safely guarded.

Unfortunately the others are only taking children and not their families. Heart-broken, the kids have no choice but to board the bus with heavy hearts.

The story takes place in the present time with protagonist Cassie Sullivan, a 16-year-old girl who is running from this alien invasion. After the third wave took her mother, Cassie was left with her brother and father.

For Cassie, the only thing keeping her sane was the idea of a safe future for her family. But when her brother, Sammy, was taken to Camp Haven and her father was betrayed by a “supposed ally” Cassie was left on her own with only a glimmer of hope to find her brother.

Meanwhile, as Sammy and a bus full of other kids reached Camp Haven, they realize it’s not as safe and inviting as they had thought. It was a boot camp to train young children and teenagers to fight off the aliens and save our planet from ultimate destruction.

Sammy’s first night was difficult. There were young kids, ruthless, who slept with weapons and talked like men. And then there were the other kids, the shy ones who were probably more terrified than he was. Luckily, he met Ben Parish aka Zombie, Casssie’s former classmate and crush before the invasion. He helped Sammy with weekly trainings the commander had them do and protected him from any kind of danger.

While Sammy was being trained to be a world hero, Cassie’s search for her brother continues until she gets shot by a Silencer. She eventually passes out and wakes up to find herself in a strange cabin. There she meets her rescuer, to perfect to be real, Evan Walker. During the time while Evan nurses Cassie back to health she starts to develop feeling for Evan, but she also starts to feel suspicious of him. There are too many coincidences linking Evan to the identity of the mysterious Silencer who shot her. Could her killer be trying to save her life?

When Cassie regains her full strength she and Evan travel to Camp Haven to rescue Sammy. While breaking into the heavily guarded camp, Cassie runs into Ben, awestruck thinking he had died months ago. But friendly reunions would have to wait because they both share one common goal, to rescue Sammy. Camp Haven isn’t at all what it seems and only Ben, Cassie and Evan know the truth.