Gamebreaker: Clash of Clans could be a game for you


The Magnet Tribune:

An image from Clans of Clans website, a game developed by Supercell.

Christopher Cantu, Gamebreaker Columnist

Clash of Clans begins by introducing the player to his own village where he plays the role as chief where he given the responsibility of overseeing the village and protect it from goblins.

As the new chief of the village, the player is given a grand tour by a village woman and is taught everything there is to know about running a successful village.

As the player start off, the woman introduces the player to the importance of building defensive buildings which helps protect the village at all times. Other important buildings that are critical to the village are the resource collectors and storages.

Gold is one of the main resources the player will come across in the game; it’s used to buy and upgrade buildings and is also used to pay a small fee in order to play online.

All though the gold may seem like the most important resource in the game, it really is the second most important.

The most important resource that is critical to your village’s success is the elixir because without it the player wouldn’t be able to train any army units, upgrade specific buildings, or level up army units.

There are some things that make this game original and addicting, such as the opportunity to place army units wherever you want around an enemy base.

When the game was first released, there wasn’t any other game that had this option. Ever since then, games have been coming out with this feature.

The game includes a fun campaign mode where you can battle against enemy goblin bases for resources.

Although the single player is fun, the main source of the game’s popularity is online.

Online allows you to challenge other players worldwide by attacking their bases and vice versa.

On any other game this type of online mode would only be fun for a short amount of time, but the creators of the game, Supercell, found a way to keep the online mode a bit more interesting. They came up with a trophy system where not only can you challenge others and steal their resources, but also steal trophies.

The trophies are an important factor to the game because depending on how many you have, is what determines where you are placed on the worldwide leaderboards which can be very important to those who love the challenge to beat others.

The trophies also help place you on other leaderboards such as the league you currently are in.

Leagues are like individual scoreboards which only hold a certain amount of people. Each league has a certain amount of trophies the player needs to have. Once the player possess more trophies that they are allowed to have, they are automatically placed in a different league with other players around the world.

There are only a certain amount of leagues you can be in which are named bronze, silver, gold, crystal, master and champion.

A small downside is when attacking the enemy, the player doesn’t have much control over his army units after he places them on the ground. Most feel the game would be much improved if it had this option.

Overall, the game is one of the most popular strategy games since its release. Developers encourage the game to be downloaded from the app store. It is offered for any smart phone and is completely free to download.

“I’m not one of those gamer girls and I rarely like any apps. Although after a few days Clash of Clans became addicting!” said senior choir student Kristelle Rivera.