Gamebreaker: Battlefield 4 is the most realistic of the series


Christopher Cantu, Gamebreaker Columnist

On Oct. 29, EA and Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment (DICE) released a new game that hit the market named Battlefield 4 Final Stand. In the game players take their places in a squad of soldiers venturing through Europe and Asia in an attempt to prevent World War 3. When progressing in the game, the player begins to bond with their squad and slowly get to know their squad better.

The developers at DICE added new graphics on the online multiplayer.”

— Christopher Cantu

The online multiplayer is one of the best I’ve seen in any battlefield game. The graphics compared to the previous game Battlefield 3 are a tad darker and give more depth when playing the game. The online maps are also bigger in the previous game.

The multiplayer setting has new features such as the commander mode which allows players to see the whole map at a top view and talk to other squads on their team to help navigate their way to an objective, drop missiles or drop supplies while in battle. All of this can help a lot if you have team mates that are willing to listen to the commanders’ commands and suggestions.

The developers at DICE added new graphics on the online multiplayer. One cool addition was the way players can manipulate the maps. In previous battlefield games players could fire rockets at a building and a small portion of the building would be destroyed; now in Battlefield 4 players can do much more than that. Some examples would be like entire skyscrapers collapsing or destroying a dam which can flood the map, or even a ship crashing onto land.

Some downsides to the multiplayer mode is that there is no party system. For those of you that don’t know that that is, it’s a system that allows players to play with their friends in the same game.

Another downside is destruction. The graphics don’t really look as realistic as they did in the previous game Battlefield 3. DooM Goblin on YouTube describes these graphics as glitchy and “the destruction just kinda turns into rubble all of a sudden.”

Other than that, there aren’t many downsides. The graphics still look great, the maps are huge, guns are better, and there’s a longer game time. Battlefield 4 is definitely worth buying if you don’t already have it.