The Book Look: Mara Dyer’s fight for survival of the supernatural villain: herself

The Book Look: Mara Dyers fight for survival of the supernatural villain: herself

Belen Silva, The Book Look Columnist

This has to be the MOST EXCITING, ROMANTIC, THRILLING, and SUPERNATURALLY SEXY book I’ve ever read. I cannot stress this enough. “The Unbecoming of Mara” by Michelle Hodkin will leave you wishing it wasn’t just a trilogy, but a whole 10-book box set.

So, how would you typically react if an insane ghosts told you your friend would be the cause of your death?”

— Belen Silva, columnist

When Mara wakes up in a hospital unaware of why she is there, her mother informs her that all her friends died a few days ago when the abandoned asylum they stayed at one night collapsed without warning. She was the only survivor but why has she survived when all friends have died?

The story starts with her friends Rachel and Claire and her boyfriend Jude in the abandoned asylum. They begin to use the Ouija board and ask how each of them are going to die. As they are playing, the planchette moves from letter to letter eventually spelling Mara’s name. So, how would you typically react if an insane ghosts told you your friend would be the cause of your death?

Mara wakes up in the hospital with no memory of what happened that night. Her family believes that in relocating, Mara might feel better and try to forget about what has happened. Mara and her family move to Florida to try and forget what happened. In Florida she meets eccentric and well-rounded Noah Shaw.

How to describe Noah Shaw? He’s your typical bad boy, but with the brains. At first, Mara can’t stand his cynical personality, until he helps Mara kidnap a wounded dog from an abusive owner.

As she’s walking to school one day she sees this dog in very poor living conditions. Her chain is digging into her skin and she looks like she hasn’t been fed. Mara can’t helping feeling sorry for her, so she goes into the house and tries to free the animal. Suddenly the owner shows up. Mara tries to reason with the man about letting the dog go, or treating it better but the man threatens her. As Mara gets up to leave, the owner kicks the dog. Mara becomes so mad she imagines the owners head bashed in.

Hours later after school, Mara passes by the house where the man and dog lived. Police officers and an ambulance surrounded his home and she sees the man was found dead in his home, with his head bashed in.

With the help of Noah, Mara steals the dog from the crime scene and takes her to Noah’s home. When they reach Noah’s home, she realizes what she can do. And it’s possible that Noah can help her control it.

Besides her weird supernatural power she now has to worry about Jude, her supposed dead boyfriend. She’s been seeing visions of him, until later in the book she comes to grasp the reality that Jude never died in that asylum even though they found his hands in the rubble of the crime scene. Jude has been watching her, unseen and unnoticed, like the ghost he should have been. But he’s alive, and he wants revenge on Mara.

This stomach twisting, hair pulling, nail biting, self destructive book will leave you in awe in every chapter. I highly recommend this brilliant piece of fantasy literature and hopefully you enjoy it.