Gamebreaker: Tiny Tower is back

Christopher Cantu, Gamebreaker Columnist

Lately there has been a lot of talk about a new app.

A few months ago there was an app named Tiny Tower. The creators of Tiny Tower now have a new app named Tiny Tower Vegas.  Tiny Tower Vegas as of Tuesday, September 23, has a rating of 4 1/2 stars based on 323 who voted on the Apple App Store.

How many stars would you rate Tiny Towers Vegas?

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These two games do have a lot of similarities such as the famous Bitbook, which is used as a virtual Facebook for your citizens that are in the game. Other similarities are the building and the different types of floors you can buy.

The developers at Nimblebit made some changes. In the original Tiny Tower, you had the option to choose from what type of floor you can purchase, such as purchasing different types of stores or hotel rooms. Now you can only purchase a new floor and the game will chose automatically what you will get.

When you progress in the game, you earn two types of currency. One of these is Bux, which you can earn from simple tasks given to you by residents in your building. This also applies when earning other things like poker chips.

Poker chips can be used to play the casino games. Poker chips are also available in the app store starting at 99 cents for 100 chips. Other than that, the game has similarities to the original. The only difference is that now the game takes place in Vegas.

Players who commented on the new game at the App Store had good things to say about it.

S-zations in review 101 said: ”It puts a great spin on Tiny Tower” while Jackorun in review 131 added, it’s a ”good long lasting game.”

If you were a fan of Tiny Tower, you’ll love this game. Give it a try!