Hear, Say: New rookie band High4 debuts with IU ‘Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms’

Rookie band High4 staring IU for new single "Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms
Rookie band High4 staring IU for new single “Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms

Drum roll please. May I present to you the new rookie band for the month of April, HIGH4!

This new rookie boy band made their debut on April 7, 2014, with the support of Korean pop singer IU (Lee Ji-eun). The release of their first new single Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms feat IU was a great song. The journey of this new group started on the right foot. The lyrics of this song were written by IU, and due to the support the boys have been gaining fans after their MV release.

You might be thinking who are these guys? Well here is a little bit of info.

KYLE- Is 22 years old; his position is leader and vocalist.

ENZO- Also known as Alex is 23 years old; his position is rapper and dancer.

BAEK MYUNG HAN- Is 21 years old; his position is vocalist.

YIM YOUNG JUN- Is 18 years old; his position is rapper.

The members have their different ways of stylizing. You can tell right away that Enzo is the rapper, dancer and the one who likes the bling. Out of all four he is the one with the most piercings. By the color of his hair, a strong pink with a dash of blue, I can tell he is the one that will experiment the most with hair dyes.

Kyle is the one that I just fell in love with; his smile it’s so perfect. To make it even better he has orange hair! Ok, no he looks like the mature one, the one who takes responsibilities seriously. I’m not saying the others aren’t. I’m just giving my opinion of first impression.

Baek Myung seems sweet, cheerful and very friendly. I believe he is the shortest but he seems to have a great personality. I would also say that he will be the one dying his hair as much as Enzo will.

Yim Young looks like the tough guy. Don’t mess with him or else. He might be the youngest but he has a bad boy look though those guys are usually very kind and friendly.

In conclusion, these four handsome young men are barley starting to write their future, and I am sure it will be a great one. I bet whatever they do it will be supported by fans and loved by many.

Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms

This video is cute; it’s very simple and not that sophisticated. I personally loved it. This is the type of music I like: the beat the instruments and type of vocal they used. Anyhow, the MV is a good one not bad for a rookie band.

The video starts off with an origami white city and IU (Lee Ji-eun) is looking outside the window wearing a brown coat. She later starts walking, taking of the brown coat while white cherry blossom pedals are falling. Then a red umbrella appears and under the red umbrella is Baek Myung, the first member of the group. He was wearing light denim clothing and yellow mustard boots. Then all of a sudden his umbrella flew away and he was jumping trying to catch it back.

IU (Lee Ji-eun) is just walking around and then a green snow cone appears in IU’s hand then another blue snow cone suddenly appears in her other hand. She throws the blue snow cone because she has no one to share it with. That is where we are introduced to Kyle. He is the one who caught the blue snow cone. Moving on, then a black cardboard car comes out and the one driving is the manake (Korean word for the youngest member) of the group, Yim Young, making his solo rap. On the passenger side just waking up is Enzo, rapping his part. Towards the end they all meet up and dance a few soft moves with IU.

What is it saying?

This song is about how a girl who walks around with a coat thinking it is still winter. It’s not until she sees the flowers blooming, she realizes spring was here. She doesn’t really want spring to come since there is no one who can walk with her and hold her hand. She reproaches the spring winds and love songs, because it constantly reminds her she has no one to share her love with.

Everyone around her is in love except her. Everyone sings spring songs and all the flowers bloom with grace. She doesn’t want to listen to the story that just sweeps through nor spring, love or cherry blossoms. There is no point going out if there is not much for her out there. All she thinks is how mean the spring wind and songs are.

She wonders how among so many couples, why is she the one alone. For once she would like to make her own memories, memories that are kept for a long time. She looks at the cherry blossoms and thinks this is not the end but the beginning of spring. It’s the beginning of her loneliness when she goes for a walk that makes her nostalgic. She knows that everyone is in love but her.

These are some sad lyrics but for a rookie band they did a good job. I want to congratulate the guys and IU for their great success and support to each other. If they keep it up they will have great triumph among the media.