The Book Look: A struggle to be ‘Skinny’

Skinny by Donna Cooner

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Skinny by Donna Cooner

Belen Silva, The Book Look Columnist


Most people have insecurities about every inch of their body. But even if we try our hardest we still have our fears of being different and that is what Ever Davies must over come everyday. She is a 15-year old girl who weighs 302 pounds and wants to get skinnier.

She lives with her father, stepmother, and two evil stepsisters. Sound familiar? Ever Davies spends her days listening to “Skinny,” a taunting voice inside her head whispering things about herself and how fat she is. She doesn’t need to hear others talk about her weight when she has Skinny to constantly remind her.

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The music was trapped inside the pounds and I stopped singing.”

— Ever Davies, main character

Ever is tired of being fat and sometimes “….Wonder what it feels like to reach out unselfconsciously and touch- randomly, casually, and frequently.”

Since her mother’s death, Ever had been gaining a lot weight, eating salads during lunch then going to the girl’s bathroom and stuffing her face with sweets afterwards.

When her mother was alive, they would exercise almost everyday, replace their regular breakfast with protein shakes and Jazzercise. Once in a while after their work out, they’d sneak a few candy bars so her dad wouldn’t know. Her mother was always there for her. Now, her new family seems uninterested and unsupportive in her everyday struggles to become skinnier.

This battle between Skinny has come too far for Ever, so she decides to have surgery. She knows the dangerous consequences for this surgery even if those consequences involve death.

But will the surgery permanently remove Skinny’s voice? Even after the surgery, Ever worries that Skinny will still be there, silencing her real voice, her beautiful unknown talent to sing.

When Ever was young she found her talent to sing. But as she describes it, “The music was trapped inside the pounds and I stopped singing.”

This is a book about learning to accept and love yourself. It’s about facing the demons inside your head telling you you’re not good enough when in reality you are. Skinny by Donna Cooner is not just some fiction story about Ever’s struggles but also experiences from Donna’s life. I recommend this book wholeheartedly and hope you enjoy it.