Cinematic: Tire named Robert has powers to kill

Robert and a police car face off.

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Robert and a police car face off.

“Rubber” is a very unusual movie about a tire named Robert that discovers his destructive telepathic powers, and soon sets his sights on a desert town; in particular, a mysterious woman becomes his obsession.

The movie is based on a town in which the people there are very quiet and timid. During that time, Robert shows up when they are filming a movie and the police have kept people away from the area. This causes many spectators to believe that what the tire is doing is effects for the movie.

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The tire has a personality as if he is a human being, and he even feels when people are looking at him.”

— William Rodriguez, Cinematic reviewer

The reason the director makes a tire kill people with telepathic powers is that every movie has no reason for why certain things happen, and the police explain it in the beginning of the movie that this movie will have no reason towards Robert terminating people.

The tire has a personality as if he is a human being and he even feels when people are looking at him. This makes Robert very powerful, and he wants to take over the town. Although he is just a tire and you would think he can only squash you, he can actually do way more than that. He acts under certain influences, and is always rolling around the town.

The police are also searching for him when they find out he is following a woman and people are in danger.  That is when the movie escalates, and people are desperately trying to kill Robert the tire to prevent more killings.

This is a very peculiar movie that many would find weird or unexplainable, but that’s the pest part of all that it’s not like the other movies which have a normal plot; it’s very different. This movie can make you question whether movies are based on reality or not because everything we see can actually be someone’s imagination brought to life within the movie.

I recommend this movie to those people that want to experience something different and be in shock of how a tire can magically kill someone with its powers. It’s a very odd, but yet rare movie that will surprise you at times.

The movie “Rubber” is on Netflix and is available on DVD through Amazon. Hope you all enjoy it.