Cinematic: God of thunder defends the realms once again

Chris Hemsworth is seen in Thor: The Dark World.

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Chris Hemsworth is seen in “Thor: The Dark World.”

“Thor: The Dark World” is a great movie I recently watched; it was yet another incredibly adventure for the god of thunder.

In this movie, a sequel to the first Thor, he faces a bigger threat when he is faced with an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand, and he must embark on his most personal journey yet. It’s one that will reunite him with Jane Foster.

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is back to defending the nine realms and protecting those worlds from the evil spirits within. In Asgard, which is one of the nine realms, there is a war going on and Thor must help the soldiers of Asgard in the battles.

Thor also reunites with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), who was a nurse for Dr. Donald Blake. She eventually developed feelings for him and Thor, not knowing they were one and the same. The love triangle went on for a while until Thor revealed the secret of his identity to Jane, which caused Odin (Anthony Hopkins) to punish him though he was forgiven after saving Asgard, and in return Thor even took her to Asgard with him. Thor then continues to withstand the evil within the realms, and save them from collapsing.

He faces a bigger threat when he is faced with an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand.”

— William Rodriguez, columnist

At the same time when this is all happening, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) who is also the brother of Thor, is causing trouble with the king of a realm. Loki explains to the king he wishes to be the next one in line for the throne. The king knows Loki just wants power over everyone and be superior so he may cause damage to others. So, he denies Loki the throne.

Thor: The Dark World was given a 7.7 rating by the Chicago Sun-Times. It has been a great expectation for many fans of Marvel. We all know the superheroes of Marvel are loved by thousands of people, but this brought a lot of excitement for Thor fans, and it does show many different things that the first film didn’t show.

The action in this movie is also mind-blowing, with real life-like fights, makes it seem like the effects aren’t even there. Another great feature about the movie is that it gives you a sequence of how the story unfolds so you may understand the movie better.

Going back to the story, Loki still feels like it is his responsibility to be the next king and be on the throne. He does everything he can to take the power, but he is arrested and handcuffed. He is put in front of the king so that he may decide his fate. Of course the king is furious about Loki’s behavior and demands for him to be locked up in the bottom dungeons of the realm. The king also knows that there is no need to have Loki out on the streets causing trouble, so he issues for the guards to have maximum security on him.

Meanwhile, Thor is still on a journey to the different realms and passing through several situations in which his presence is needed. He helps out people and goes into combat with different beasts and creatures. The God of Thunder isn’t afraid of anyone, so it isn’t much of a challenge for him, and he also has the Mjolnir, his powerful hammer.

Thor doesn’t realize that while he is fighting all these creatures, there is another big evil creature building itself to power and waiting for a chance to cause chaos and destruction on the realms. Thor is reassured that he can do it all, and that soon all of the problems will be over in Asgard as well as the rest of the realms.

During Thor’s unforgettable journey, Loki is still locked up and is deteriorating. He shows signs of anger and frustration that cause him to try to escape the cell, but he is just weakened even more. At one point, Thor goes and visits Loki down in the dungeon and he is surprised to see his brother in such terrible conditions. They both look at each other and talk, and Thor is just disappointed in him.

Later on, when Thor isn’t there anymore, a beast is released and breaks all the cells and causes chaos in the dungeons. Loki’s cell is also broken and he escapes. Thor meets up with Loki outside and he is not happy with Loki’s escape, but at the moment he needs his brother to help him fight the many creatures attacking the realms.

Loki reunites with his brother Thor, and they both agree to help each other to defeat the beasts. This creature shows up and begins to savage people, including Loki and Thor. During the battle Thor kills many creatures with thunder, and forgets of where his brother is. He notices he is a few steps away fighting this large beast, and just when he is about to go to him, Loki is stabbed and injured terribly. Thor gets angry and tries to help his brother, but Loki is hurt bad.

After all that, Thor goes back to the Kingdom of Asgard and talks to the king. He tells him that he will fight and continue to withstand the beasts as long as he can do it for. He will risk everything, including himself, to save the realms from the enormous beast that will destroy everything.

I really recommend this movie and to find out about more, go witness the amazing movie yourself. It is now playing in most theatres including Mall del Norte and Hollywood Theatres.