Hear, Say: New rookie band Global Icon releases 1st mini album, “Tremendous”

K-pop group Global Icon.

K-pop group Global Icon.

K-Pop is back! What’s up guys? Did you miss me? This year my last year I’m going to keep you up to date with the latest music and the new rookie bands that are out there.Today I’m going to show you guys a whole different thing, something not very common in Korea: girl bands. These girls are different from other typical Asian girl groups. When you think about a girl group you think: they’re cute, adorable, and girly, their wardrobe is so pink, and their hair is so long and pretty.

Yeah, well this is not the case with these girls. They are a whole different concept; they left the sweet, adorable Asian girl behind.

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the new tomboy rookie girl band “Global Icon.” That’s right a new “Tomboy” girl band style “G.I.” These five girls have a lot to say and rap to the world. They officially debuted in March of 2013. For those who have no clue who they are here are the members:

1. Hayuna: The oldest of the group she is 23 and her position is sub-vocal. Her specialty is acting.

2. Onket: The second oldest in the group she’s 22 and her position is main rapper and main dancer. Her specialty is choreography.

3. Eunji is 21 yrs old; her position is lead vocal and visual.

4. Ai is the baby rapper; she is 20 and her position is lead rapper and her specialty is acting.

5. Aram: The youngest one of them all (Ai is older by one month). Her position is main vocal and her specialty is singing.

Bear with me guys I’m getting to know them too.

As you can imagine they are very talented and beautiful girls with their whole career ahead of them.

G.I released their first mini album “Tremendous” around in early September. The album contains seven tracks two of them being instrumental.

1. Don’t Lie feat. Dok 2

2. Dilidum

3. G

4. Because of you

5. Beatles

6. G (instrmental)

7. Don’t Lie (instrumental)

Being a tomboy group they put in some feminine touches in their style. They have a skater-style mixed with a rock style. Apparently they love wearing caps and beanies and love short hair. They have an authentic style; they not 100 percent tomboy and they have a spice of feminine. Out of the five I think  Eunji is more girly than the rest.

Their style is skinny jeans with skull print blouses and caps. They include a lot of bling bling into their wardrobe: shiny earrings, heavy chains and rings. They love rings.

 Another thing that they are really into is spike leather jackets, accessories and animal prints. They like Jordan’s, DC and other famous brands and they do all these crazy hair styles and colors. Oneket is, I believe, the one who is more into major different hair styles.

“Don’t lie feat. Dok 2”

This music video is simple but has some great dance moves. The girls come out wearing a cap or a beanie and a bandana around their necks. In this video they wear white blouses and gray pants. Though Dok2 only raps he doesn’t come out in the video. They kept it really simple.

“What the girls  are saying here in this song is basically that they have the “Bling, bling chain 24k.” Yup, they are sharing with the world how rich they are from head to toe and how they got swag. They want to live the world however they want.

They don’t need permission from anybody. Whatever you do don’t lie to them because they won’t fall for it. They know you’re just a simple person; you’re “Blank” and you don’t even notice.

For that reason they think it’s annoying and they don’t want to play anymore. Unlike some people they can’t hold in everything that they want to say. Is the gold ax yours? Or is the silver ax yours? Neither! The iron ax is yours and the golden ax is theirs. That is just a way of saying that they are very greedy.

Who are you to tell them what to do they want to look good and do whatever they want. Don’t lie to them; they will beat you up.

Then comes out Dok2 saying he lives today like tomorrow. He doesn’t deal with regret. He lives proudly and without shame.

The tomboys don’t want to live the same; they want something out of the ordinary because they are strong and willing to live however they want without lies.

I bet some of you would like that type of life wouldn’t you guys?


You might have some trouble finding this song but it’s not impossible. So in the name of G.I. I apologize because this song does not have an MV.

That is sad, but moving on these girls just couldn’t wait to be independent. The next thing you know they want to take over the world.

In other words this is what they are trying to say:

“They are the crazy hot, they are the future, and they are the G.I. You obey them by their rules. They are the law around here. The worst punishment you can get is them. This is a game where they are the jokers. If you want to learn something look at them and follow them. You have to deal with it because this is their swag and you can’t do anything about it.

Admire their fame for they are a dramatic group of TV stars, they are not like others they are unique. They got the charm and looks. Every time people look at their facial expressions they faint. They turn this world inside out. Nothing can stop them. They are not afraid of what others might think. Nothing will ever stop them because they burn like fireworks. So get by and have fun on your own because they have a job to do, live their life.”


This song is awesome. It’s so catchy and fun, choreography instructors could use it for a dance. Unfortunately, this song does not come with an MV. What I loved about this song was the beat. They mixed it up with Indi and Korean. The beat starts off with an Indi instrument and then kicks off with the girls singing Korean. I just loved it. I never listen to something like this before in this genre of music.

You might think what are they saying? Judging by the first two songs what do you think this song is saying?

Yeah you guessed right, they introduce themselves like this: “My name is G and the next letter is I. Everybody G, everybody G, EVERYBODY G!”

They are the best that is why everyone focuses on them. Everything around them is perfect. All the others are envious and jealous about their lives. Though they give you advice:  “You can be free, you can begin if you can believe it.” Just follow them they’ll show you. It’s ok don’t be shy. Everyone thinks their life is perfect so why not you?

Their swag makes people’s eyes open wide. You’ll go crazy; they will lead you to what you really want and are looking for. They do warn you though not to make them your role model. They are not a good influence because when they move everything catches on fire.

“Because of You”

What did you think that these girls didn’t have feelings and only wanted to take over the world? Well, you thought wrong. They have feelings and they show it with this rap ballad, as I call it. The girls have their sensitive side; they have their own way of expressing themselves. Once again this song does not have an MV.

This is about a girl that is deeply in love with a boy, but she doesn’t know what love feels like and she discovers it with this boy. Her heart rises every time she receives a text from him. She is always curios about him: if he ate, how is he, what he’s doing. He is the boy that takes away her peace and her sleep away. He is the cause of her laughing out loud out for nothing. She would talk and talk to get his attention but that didn’t work on him. That makes her wonder what she did wrong or thinks she’s not that attractive enough.

She wants him to tell her, show her what is love because now he is her everything. She says he is her man and she wants to be his girl the only girl for him. She is waiting for him waiting for an answer to encounter her feelings. Every time she sees him her heart pounds heavily and hard. The problem is that since this is the first time she feels like this and she has a hard time expressing herself and her feelings, but all of this happened because of him.


The moment you all have been waiting for has come. This was one of G.I top songs “Beatles.” I am happy to inform you that this song does have an MV! Yes and it is awesome. The theme of it is “beat,” “paint” and “rebel.” My favorite part of this video is when Haeyon comes out in all black with her neon purple eyes, eating green Cheerios.


When it starts their name pops out and we see a statue spilled with paint dripping down. Then a skull appears and when the girls introduce themselves the skull opens its mouth and zooms inside where the girls come out humming. Their dancing is good. They pretty much do the same thing over and over. That is common in rookie bands, but they are still awesome.

The first one to appear is Onket, rapping while her face is illuminated with different styles and colorful lights. Moving on, she appears sitting on a royal red chair splashed with yellow paint. Next, comes Eunji on a street alley fenced around her with Aram (if I’m not mistaken). Then Ai takes over wearing a gold boxing robe with pink boxing gloves, facing her own reflection.

This leads to the colorful room where the girls show off their moves. Then my favorite part comes out: Hayeon sits in a long dining table with other people next to her dressed in black and blindfolded. Heyeon was also dressed in black with a black cap and her neon purple eyes and lips. Pleasuring the moment when eating her Cheerios, her glowing green cereal, she ate them so happily that when she smiled her teeth were glowing green.

Ai comes out rapping an interview. She is surrounded with green, pink, purple, and yellow microphones while she’s in the spotlight. Once again Eunji comes out in the street alley with Aram and Ai showing off their swag.

Finally Oknet comes out again but this time she’s being a naughty girl, spilling paint and splashing the paint like as if they were puddles. Not just that but she spray paints the walls in the alley. To finish this off they repeat their dance and finish on the floor zooming out and the skull closing its mouth.

What the girls are trying to transmit to you is to enjoy the beat. To turn up the volume and groove on there is nothing to it. Be confident don’t be timid take action like they do and let your heart follow them. They see the fakeness in your eyes; they want the truth the real deal. Don’t be a fake because from them you won’t see anything fake. Tell them what you are thinking in your head and let it all out. They want you to stop doing the same thing over and over, and live life enjoying the beat.

As you might have witnessed they are rebels and very greedy, and they like to be in control. Taking over the world is their goal. I picture these girls as G-Dragons’ little sister. They have too many things in common.

Another singer that would get along with them perfectly would be FX Amber. Maybe they might feature Amber in their next project.

They are an awesome crazy group with a whole career ahead of them, and I am really looking forward to what they have prepared next. This is all I have for today. Hope you enjoy. Until next time, K-pop lovers.

By the way you guys should check out “BTOB” “Thriller.” It is amazing they are all so handsome and amazing, so check it out!