Fashion Hallway – Rule the school with new backpacks!

Jessica Arroyo and Elizabeth Flores


If you are going to school a two pocket backpack will be a better and more comfortable option, for example the JanSport backpacks, or the printed canvas backpacks. They tend to be about the right size and ifs you find the perfect one that best matches your fashion sense, then this school year will be amazing.  Neon backpacks, floral backpacks, character backpacks, and simple plain have been seen around campus lately, catching the eyes of fellow classmates.

Neon backpacks are the single colored backpacks that are designed with a solid neon color. You will see them in neon pinks, oranges, greens, and blues. However the outfit that mostly fit these backpacks is earth tone colors. Don’t try to match it or you’ll be a walking highlighter. So stay away from neon shoes or clothing.

Floral backpacks are mostly seen on the canvas backpacks, which are mostly, used by girls enjoy spending hours on their outfit for school. These girls usually are noticeable for their neatness and being well organized. So if you’re thinking of owning one, go for a nice skirt and a solid color shirt and pretty flats. You can also combine skinny pants, but stay away from floral shirts because it’ll just make you look like a flower plant.

Now character backpacks might seem a little childish but hey, everyone has a different personality and likes so it’s just as fine. However this year these backpacks added a little more fashion to it. So now I guess you can call them adorable. So again with the childish, don’t go for that look, don’t add more prints to it or a gigantic bright color bow. But in the other hand if mostly can go with any outfit, just stay away from the 8 year old look.

Plain backpacks have always been in style and they will always be. They make anything look good without even trying. You will see most of them in plain black, grey, or any other dark shade. However some of them come in different colors. They are usually the solid colored backpacks with black in the back. And again this backpack can be matched with anything. And this is anything. The only exception will be to try to match your entire outfit together, but other than that you’ll be in fashion at all times.


Messenger bags are really useful for those who carry a laptop and not much paper work. For this is better if you stay with the natural tones and not add prints, with this you’ll want to give a good and studious impression. Work pants or black non-jean pants will be perfect for these styles, combine it with polo or a button up shirt and it will be perfect. This backpack tends to be seen on males however it’s appropriate for both genders.

The cross-shoulder backpacks tend to be a bit more modern than the messenger ones. They usually come with designs and are thicker. Same with the printed backpacks don’t use to much print in your clothing. This backpack comes in handy for both girls and guys.

Large bags from super colorful ones to solid ones and meant to be used mostly during the day. However If you’re a petite or slim person don’t exaggerate by using a super large one. Remember that everything has to be proportioned. So again everything just depends on the pattern on the bag. Try to dress simple and nice, try to make the bag get more attention.

Sack backpacks, or the bags with rope type straps that can adjust the main pocket, are also seen. These usually worn by the athletics and/or people that don’t like carrying supplies around school. Guys would be the ones commonly used by guys, matching them with shorts, converse, and a nice shirt. And as for girls cute shorts and a polo shirt will give you the impression of freshness.


For those housewives or go shopping can get a casual need for a large bag however the tones should be natural so it be better matching with an everyday outfit. When going out for a night on the town or simply to get come coffee a medium designer bag preferable. No need to pay for an expensive one but investing in one is good. For those mommas out there that don’t want to be boring and want to be fashionable can invest in a really good large tote bag. They tend to have a wide selection just about everywhere. You will be able to fit just about anything in one.

It’s not so hard to be looking for bags and backpacks. You can find them in just about any store. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a bag or backpack. Save your money for something better, but investing in a decent bag will last you for years.

PS. Jessica & Elizabeth are the 2013-2014 fashion column writers yet again. This year we have more information of how to look nice for any occasion, so just keep looking forward for our columns, they’ll be worth your time. 🙂