Cinematic: Movie shows Apple founder Steve Jobs as an inventor

Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad star as Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in Jobs. (Glen Wilson/MCT Campus)

Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad star as Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in “Jobs.” (Glen Wilson/MCT Campus)

“Jobs” is a very interesting movie about the story of Steve Jobs’ (Ashton Kutcher) ascension from being a college dropout into one of the greatest creative entrepreneurs of the 20th century.

This film is a very amusing movie, yet entertaining, and humorous at times. It brings a whole new meaning to inspiration. In my opinion, it shows how one person can think of an idea and make it into reality for the world to see.

Steve Jobs was a very brilliant man who thought of the unthinkable when he was with one of his friends (Dermot Muroney, Matthew Modine, Josh Gad, Lukas Haas, and J.K. Simmons). It explains how he started in his own garage with his old pal (Josh Gad played by Steve Wozniak). They both began creating these bonds for computers, but we’re talking about the big, heavy computers then in use. At that time computers were something not many people had, and it was an easier way for people to see what they were typing.

Steve Jobs was able to combine a typewriter with a TV. With Jobs’ talents, and his friend (Gad), who knew the mechanical function of computers, they were both able to start off the biggest computer company of all time.

One of the characteristics you see of Steve Jobs is his motivation to see a bright future for others. In this movie, he builds up the Apple Company with his friends and soon begin creating new designs and such amazing computers.

Throughout the movie he gets in trouble with IBM and some other companies because he is escalating to some new heights in the computer market industry. At one point, he gets really obsessed with finishing a computer project and doesn’t realize the true reason of why he started the company in the first place. It was all supposed to be something fun for him and his friends, but Jobs gets too caught up in wanting to create perfection.

Steve Jobs was also a very serious man who only ate fruit and shakes, nothing else. In the movie it also shows him always eating that, and due to all that, he developed pancreatic cancer. He later died at age 56 in 2011.

Steve Jobs left a big legacy, and became known as one of the best inventors that revolutionized the world we live in.

He later came up with some of the products we have nowadays such as the iPod, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and many others. Without a great mastermind like him, our lives wouldn’t be enriched, and those things are what make our lives easier now.

In the end, Steve Jobs is known for so many achievements, and for changing the world for us. “Jobs” is a great movie, and I really recommend that you watch it. It is now playing in most movie theatres including Cinemark Mall del Norte.