Thoughtful Thursday: Nostalgia


The Magnet Tribune: Zoe Alvarez

Zoe Alvarez, Thoughtful Thursday columnist

Lately, I’ve experienced a great amount of nostalgia. Every memory brought chills yet warmth to my skin. I could only describe the sensation as being wrapped in soft blankets. I couldn’t help but smile as memories played in my mind.

I revisited my youth when a friend of mine gave me a bouquet of flowers after my homecoming presentation. These magenta petals smelled of my childhood. Although there were crowds of people, loud overwhelming sounds, and plenty to take in visually, I felt a simple moment of nostalgia. I was back to the warm lovely days when I sat outside in my grandmother’s garden basking in the warmth of the sun. Those flowers were the same kind that stretched into the sky and swayed along with the cool breeze. The mere scent of the flowers gave me chills all over. Suddenly, I could picture my entire backyard from the green grass to the banana tree to the tree house and plants all over. Since then I’ve been recollecting as many memories as I possibly can. The scent of these flowers bestowed upon me an abundance of childhood memories that took place outside my backyard.

A few days later my mother made a soup or caldo as we call it. I sat down to a nice steaming bowl of caldo. Its aroma made my mouth water but also made me nostalgic. This was the same caldo recipe that my grandma made when I lived with her as a child. The simple yet enlightening aroma of the caldo began to play a film of memories in my head. The oak glass table appeared within the beige walls of my grandmother’s small but loving home. I watched closely as she served a yellow bowl of steamy caldo. I reminisced on the afternoons when my younger brother and I arrived home. We were hungry little elementary kids excited to eat what their grandmother had prepared on her table.

The cherry on top of this whole situation was when I ran into a familiar face at my grocery shop. I coincidentally saw my childhood librarian. Ask any other alumni from Blessed Sacrament Elementary and they will wholeheartedly tell you that she had a particular scent that smelled just like the library. I was taken aback when she gave me a hug. Her scent alone sent me to the days where sat as children criss crossed on the carpet as her velvety voice read to us. I remembered the countless book fairs at the library and the endless excitement my little self had. I remember library visits and checking out books. The most cherishable memory was when she would dress up as “Sam I am” and made us green eggs and ham.

The weird little feeling we experience when we recall a memory from our childhood is a blanket of warmth called nostalgia.

Song for today: Boys Don’t Cry by The Cure