Conspiracy Theories: Mandela Effect

Gabriela Martinez, Staff Writer

The Mandela effect is one of the most famous conspiracies known. The very first Mandela effect and where it got its name from is from a man named Nelson Mandela. 

Nelson Mandela led the anti-apartheid African National Congress which was accused of conspiring to over throw the state in 1964. He was sentenced to life in prison. However, he was released after 27 years of serving his time because the South African government ended the Apartheid. The Apartheid was racial segregation in South Africa and South West Africa from 1948 until the early 1990’s. Mandela died on December 5, 2013. Many people actually thought he died in his jail cell in the 1980’s. 

The way the Mandela effect was created is a whole other conspiracy. One of the most commonly known conspiracies is that it is caused by the accidental travel between alternate universes. I personally think that traveling between alternate universes could actually be a realistic reason. One last, also commonly known, conspiracy is when the world is going to end the whole universe get picked up and taken to a whole other dimension to save mankind. That causes to change minor things or sometimes bigger things like someone’s life.      

If you were a book lover when you were a child, you might recall the book series called The Berenstain Bears or “The Berenstein Bears.” Today the book series is called The Berenstain Bears, but many people, including myself, remember “The Berenstein Bears.”

In “Star Wars” there is a very famous quote that Darth Vader tells Luke Skywalker. That quote is “Luke, I am your father.” Now it is “No, I am your father.” The explanation to that cannot be that people misheard Darth Vader. It wasn’t a few people. The movie “The Empire Strikes Back” was released in the 1980s. The movie has been around for a pretty long time. Many shirts have been made with the quote on it. It is not just a silly mistake that happened.

A recent conspiracy that I just found out about is about wite-out. Yes, wite-out not white-out. Pixy stick and not pixey sticks is another one. Of course, there are a lot more Mandela effects than what was mentioned. 

You might be thinking that just one letter changing is not that important. That we probably just forgot and we weren’t paying attention. However, these subtle changes are important. 

Some people might be skeptical about the Mandela effect. People might say that it doesn’t matter what people remember. Of course, people are allowed to have their own opinion. However, in my opinion, I think Mandela effects are real and that they do matter.