Thoughtful Thursday: Crying


The Magnet Tribune: Zoe Alvarez

White flowers sway to the wind on a warm day.

Zoe Alvarez, Thoughtful Thursday columnist

We often associate crying with a negative emotion such as sadness and anger. It’s far from normal to see crying in a positive light. All throughout society it is seen as a weakness. A person who cries is seen as weak, unable to control their emotions, or in other words “suck it up” when they feel pain emotionally or physically. Due to the standards of society, a person cannot cry when they watch a sad movie, cry in public when they feel at their worst, or even cry when they are overstressed from school or work.

It is often forgotten that crying can also accompany happiness, relief, excitement, and much more. At a graduation, parents cry with joy and a sense of pride for their child who has completed their education and will continue on with life. A student cries with relief when they found out they passed their math exam. An employee cries in excitement when they find out they have been promoted.

All of these are positive emotions yet, we as humans still find ourselves with tears swelling in our eyes. Crying does not always mean we are expressing feelings of sadness or anger. It can be seen through a wide range of emotions, not just of those that lack happiness.

We cry when we feel we cannot control our emotions any longer. The tears travel down our cheeks signaling we have lost our grasp on composure. In the case of positive emotions, we tend to not try so hard to hide our tears in front of others. We know when a moment is unforgettable and special. Only then do we let the tears fall.

When we feel pain, we shake, our lips tremble, our hands shake, our cheeks flush, and eyes become glossy. We prefer to fight for control of our composure than cry in front of others. Rarely do we accept our loss against our emotions and cry in public especially at school or in the work environment.

Crying is a special privilege we only share with a select amount of people. Those are the people we allow to see us during our most vulnerable times. They are the ones who can witness as we slowly lose our composure and let the emotions take over.

Little salty tears possess various meanings rather than only those that are melancholy.


Song for today: Crooked Teeth by Death Cab for Cutie