Thoughtful Thursday: Neon lights


The Magnet Tribune: Zoe Alvarez

A rare find and great surprise, this rainbow neon light made my summer.

Zoe Alvarez , Thoughtful Thursday columnist

I’ve always considered myself to be a moth. I have a strong fascination for neon lights. Often, I’m asked what color scheme I would describe my soul as and the answer is neon.

I fell quite in love with neon signs and neon photography the summer before my sophomore year. I remember capturing various perfect situations where neon was glowing and basking its surroundings with vivid colors.

But my love for neon began to bloom a little earlier than that. The summer before my eighth grade year, my parents gifted me a globe that changes color. It changed my life forever. I remember sitting on my couch watching as the globe cast its glowing colors on the bedroom walls. Its reflection apparent on the wooden floors.

My sophomore year I finally got my hands on a neon light for my bedroom. It was a glowing green neon cactus that lit up my room with a perfectly eerie green lighting, almost like a scene from the X-Files. I obsessed over the vibes that presented themselves in my bedroom.

This continued onto the summer of my senior year when I found myself a nice rainbow neon sign that I wanted for ages. The room was perfectly accompanied by the joyful glow of a rainbow neon sign. I admired the way the neon shined alongside the curtains painting the windowsill and a nearby couch.

My 17th birthday came around and as I opened a present from my father, I was surprised with a neon flamingo sign. My eyes and heart sang. I always loved the 80s’ Miami neon scene and the neon flamingo was the cherry on top.  I remember when I first placed it down and shut off the lights to witness the glow of magenta fill my room.

My windowsill was beautifully complemented by my growing collection of neon lights. Day after day I began to eagerly wait the setting of the sun. I couldn’t wait to see my room painted with the vibrant hues of the glowing neon signs.

My favorite way to enjoy the vibes of my bedroom is to lay in bed in my glowing space as I listen to “Velvet Light” by Jakob Ogawa. My body feels weightless and the sensations of the cool air tickle my skin. I feel my soul come alive. I could almost describe it as an out of body experience where you feel like you’re floating.

These are the little moments that I wish I could experience forever.

Song for tonight: Velvet Light by Jakob Ogawa