Thoughtful Thursday: A full moon on the beach


The Magnet Tribune: Zoe Alvarez

A full moon shines over the ocean in South Padre, TX.

Zoe Alvarez , Thoughtful Thursday columnist

Planet earth is home to countless majestic beauties. One I was able to witness in its full glory was a full moon on the beach.

My family and I walked along the shore in the darkness of a summer night in June. It made the sand and the ocean present itself in midnight hues. I could hold up a color swatch of black shades and it would perfectly describe the scene that was the beach at night.

It was our bare feet in the sand and the salty night breeze pushing back our hair that welcomed us to the night scene. I felt the wind as it blew past me, my sundress dancing along with it.

My mother wore a pale white dress that reminded me of a ghostly figure walking into the waves and disappearing into the sea like a scene that one would see in The Goonies. The dress glowed as she stood beneath the moonlight. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. She manifested this magical moment I would never forget. I stood silently telling myself to take a mental picture. I kept my eyes on her, the moon, and the sea. I prayed my eyes would capture what I was witnessing. I wanted so badly to cherish this moment forever.

The full moon’s reflection on the sea was a sight I had never witnessed before. The ocean water glittered under the warm comforting light of the pale full moon. I felt that if I remained fixated on the sea, I will see a mermaid or mystical creature. I contemplated about the great ocean that stood before me. I convinced myself that such a great ocean was more than capable of possessing such mystical creatures.

The sand was clammy as the cool waves washed against my ankles. It was entrancing; almost as if I were in a dream-like state walking in shallow water in an endless ocean. I felt a strong urge to walk amongst the waves into the sea, almost as if I was being pulled by the force of the full moon. My eyes followed the waves that retracted to the sea and waited as they pushed back along the shore.

I closed my eyes to listen to the sound of the waves uninterrupted by anyone or anything. Every so often they would wash up against my feet serenading me with the sound of the fizzle of the sea foam. I walked along the seashore and watched as my footprints disappeared in the sand. The sea left no trace of my presence.

The night ended with one last walk along the shore as we bathed in the moonlight.