Spotlight: 14-teen-year-old murders family out of rage

Mauro Flores, Spotlight Columnist

When I first heard that a boy had murdered his family, I felt sick to my stomach just imagining this terror.

A 14-year-old boy murdered his father, stepmother, half-brothers, and half-sister.

I am speechless and don’t comprehend where this boy’s head was at to commit this atrocity to his family

I do believe the boy had a reason as to why he committed these murders. People don’t just snap and murder for no reason.

Daisy McCarty, the teen’s first cousin revealed to WAFF-TV that the boy had started acting out less than a year ago, burning animals alive and vandalizing his school.

No 14-year-old boy should have that much rage or hatred to end their family’s life. No matter how sad or angry he/she may feel towards their family ending their life is something you can’t come back from.

It’s sad to see a young boy’s life end in such tragedy. Although the teen faces five counts of murder, he could possibly face adult chargers or even capital murder.